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  • Costa Rica
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  • Connecticut
  • Habano
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  • Ecuador
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  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Honduras
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  • Dominican Republic
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  • Stick
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  • Handmade
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  • 35-40
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A brand devoted to excellence, El Septimo produces some of finest, most reputed cigars available, managing every step in production — from seed to smoke — to ensure that every aspect meets their unmitigated standards. The El Septimo name means "The Seventh" in Spanish and references the Judeo-Christian creation story in which God rested on the seventh day after forming the world. Similarly, El Septimo crafts premium cigars that inspire rest, encouraging aficionados to relax and reflect on life.

Grown in Costa Rica on the brand's own farms, El Septimo's proprietary tobacco is cultivated using only rain irrigation — its high oxygen levels reducing over-watering and root rot. Moreover, the farms' fertile soil sits 6,500 feet above sea level, creating a distinctive terroir thanks to the rich mineral content and the micronutrients released by combining carbon dioxide in rain water and other minerals in the atmosphere. These advantages both contribute to the quality of El Septimo's tobacco and distinguish it from other Central American leaves. El Septimo's advanced precision farming techniques produce organic tobacco in a vein similar to renowned French vineyards, meticulously pruning each plant and avoiding the use of any pesticides, chemicals, or preservatives. The result is healthier plants, better tobaccos, and superlative cigars.

All El Septimo cigars are hand-rolled in Costa Rica at the company's factory, using only long-filler tobaccos and the traditional entubar method. Each cigar is aged between five and 15 years before being available to connoisseurs and features at least three different filler types for appreciable nuance and captivating complexity. Explore our selection of El Septimo cigars below, and experience the prestige, luxury, and quality for yourself.

El Septimo
Aqua Anu


El Septimo


El Septimo


El Septimo
Da Vinci


El Septimo
Empress of Sheba

$20.00 $18.00

El Septimo
King Sargon


El Septimo


El Septimo
New York


El Septimo


El Septimo


El Septimo


El Septimo
Van Gogh


El Septimo
Yao Maduro