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  • Dominican Republic
  • Nicaragua
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  • Oscuro
  • San Andres
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  • Mexico
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  • Nicaragua
  • United States
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  • Ecuador
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  • Stick
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  • Handmade
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  • No
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  • Strong
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  • 5"-5.5"
  • 6"-7"
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  • 50-55
  • 60+

Room101 transcends cigars, and to fully understand the brand, one must understand its founder, Matt Booth. During his time as a U.S. Marine deployed to Asia, Booth fell in love with the culture. This appreciation combined with a passion for custom jewelry when he returned to the States. In 2003, he founded Room101 in Los Angeles as a luxury boutique, merging the rich and complex motifs he experienced in Asia with the nuance and identity of LA.

In 2009, Booth developed another interest: cigars. A long-time connoisseur, he added cigars to Room101's curated portfolio of fine-crafted art, and today, Room101 offers a wide array of boutique products, from jewelry, leather goods, and clothing to craft gin and premium cigars.

Like the brand as a whole, Room101 cigars embody a modern and progressive approach to cigar making, while still honoring the art form's long-standing tradition and rich history. As such, Room101 caters to cigar traditionalists as well as those aficionados seeking something more avant-garde and boutique. In the years since, Booth has collaborated with the likes of AJ Fernandez and Robert Caldwell to expand Room101's portfolio, always seeking to add something fresh and exciting to the vast world of cigars while maintaining a strong dedication to delicious flavor profiles, reliable construction, and quality components.