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Alexander Sokolik, of Kiev, Ukrane, was born in 1966. He attended Kiev's Military Aviation Engineering Academy as a radio engineer and attained the rank of Major.

When Alexander left the Air Force, he went back to school for studies in economics and management. Alexander first took up pipemaking when searching for a hobby, but it wasn't until he was introduced to the works of Tom Eltang that Alex began to think of pipe-making the way he does now, as an art-form, as a career. Alexander then surrounded himself with members of the Ukrainian and Russian pipe circles and set about further developing his craft. He takes inspiration from nature, and this is evident in one of his signature shapes: the Bird. Now, Alexander never mentioned whether he took much inspiration from classical music, but we'd dare say he does, at least when it comes classical strings. Ranking right alongside the Bird amongst his portfolio is a second distinct signature shape: the Cello.