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Andreas Bennwik is a Swedish pipe maker who, in just a few short years, has done incredible things. After his first rudimentary efforts, he began making progress all on his own, clearing showing both natural talent and great promise. Those skills were furthered by advice from Tom Eltang, who remains one of his primary influences, as well as Love Geiger and Sara Mossberg of Geiger Pipes, Bengt Carlson, and Jonas Rosengren.

His other working background, as an illustrator, may have also taught him a thing or two about form, line, and composition. In an ironic turn, however, it is the very nature of the modern illustration field that gave him all the greater an appreciation for pipe making; digital tools have become the norm for illustrators. When Andreas discovered pipe making, he also rediscovered the joy of creating things by hand and in a purely physical medium, which he could only last recall doing back when he was still in school.