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Several years ago, pipe makers Todd Johnson and Pete Prevost set out to change the perception of what a serially-produced pipe could be. After opening up shop in Nashville, TN, the team rolled out the BriarWorks brand, providing customers with seriously high quality pipes, crafted through an artisanal lens, at some of the best prices on the market.

The workshop's grown considerably over the years, bolstering its ranks with other talented carvers like Sam Adebayo, Bill Shalosky, and Micah Redmond, among others. While Prevost remains in charge of the day-to-day operations following Todd Johnson's depature from the workshop, these artisans are all integral members of the BriarWorks team — applying their handmade skills to the realm of the factory pipe, adhering to the same quality standards you'd expect from their private work, only at a much more accessible price point. From designing the workshop's range of gorgeous American modern shapes to executing them all in an array of beautiful finishes, you can see their hand in each and every piece to come out of the Nashville workshop.

To learn more about the BriarWorks team, check out the About Us page over on their site — or take a look at the myriad offerings below and experience the new American precedent.