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GH Zhang is the culmination of Guo Hui Zhang's passion and love for tobacco pipes, and the workshop's approach involves a beautiful blend of traditional and modern techniques to offer artisan-designed pipes at an accessible price. Akin to Stanwell's early production model, GH Zhang partners with some of the world's most notable and respected artisan pipe makers to design distinctive shapes, which are then roughed out on CNC machines before being hand-finished and stem-fitted by Zhang's team of craftsmen.

Before founding GH Zhang, Guo Hui was an importer and purveyor of pipe-making materials. Such experience cultivated personal relationships with numerous pipe makers around the world, and in 2017, he began researching the possibility of fashioning quality pipes designed by artisans but produced on a mass scale, consulting with such carvers as Ping Zhan, Xu Hai, Boris Starkov, and Cornelius Mänz. Two years later, GH Zhang finalized its partnerships with certain artisan carvers and started production.

Committed to excellence and to celebrating the craft of artisan pipe making, GH Zhang pipes showcase the personal style of carvers around the world, preserving their artistic visions and making them accessible to a wide audience. Each shape is personally designed by one of GH Zhang's partnered artisans, including Ping Zhan, J. Alan, Abe Herbaugh, Sam Cui, Michail Revyagin, Boris Starkov, Cornelius Mänz, David Huber, Dirk Heinemann, and Viktor Yashtylov.

Offered in smooth and sandblasted finishes, GH Zhang pipes are available across over 40 different shapes, and each designer is denoted by their name stamped on each shape they created. Briar is sourced from Italy, Greece, Spain, and Algeria, and the briar's origin is likewise stamped on each individual pipe — IT for Italy, GR for Greece, ES for Spain, and DZ for Algeria. Lastly, sandblasted pipes that reveal especially choice grain are designated by a mountain stamp, while smooth pipes of exceptional quality are marked by a water stamp.