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Icarus is the brain-child of Todd Johnson, master pipe artisan and President/CEO of BriarWorks International, and was conceived with the simple goal of creating a brand of pipes which would deliver a combination of exacting engineering and superlative smoking qualities heretofore unseen in factory produced briars. In order to realize this lofty ambition, Johnson, along with the talents of Pete Prevost, brought to bear new methods of tenon adhesion, bits which are cut thinner than many produced by some of the most famous arisans of today, as well as continuously tapered, 18-22mm tobacco chambers. Not satisfied with merely having perfect interiors, Icarus features shapes which were designed by some of the world's most famous and talented pipemakers, and are often accompanied by beautiful and well thought out accent materials.

Todd and Pete seek to change our notions of what constitutes a high-quality briar, and their challengers await below.

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