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Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013, MeerQueen Meerschaum started, and remains, a family business; something of a pleasant anomaly in the seemingly ever-shifting meerschaum carving business of today. Presently headed by Bahadir "Cem" Baykal, an erudite gentleman with a degree in engineering physics, and crafted in Eskisehir, Turkey, MeerQueen Meerschaum boasts a constant contingent of a dozen lauded carvers led by grandmaster Tekin. MeerQueen meerschaums are graded as Silver, Gold or Diamond, as well as on a scale of x/6 for both quality of the raw material as well as the final outcome of the carving. The Diamond grades feature a briar-style Teflon tenon, a consistent "6/6" for both material and workmanship, are carved by Tekin, and are, overwhelmingly, our grade of choice for our site.

The express mission of MeerQueen Meerschaum is to aim well above and beyond its competition, leaping past the "acceptable" by creating meerschaum pipes of museum/heritage quality; a smoking instrument to be cherished for a lifetime.