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Nate King is a young American pipe maker, originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, though he currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. Auto racing was an early interest of his, and in 1997 he began working with pit crews as a transmission specialist at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He changed careers in 2007 to work on aircraft, which he found especially appealing to his love of sleek, precise engineering. After all, like finely-tuned race cars, aircraft demand perfection in design and construction. This affection for the details of design found yet another outlet when he began making pipes from kits in 2007 - the same year he first began smoking a pipe. Drawn to the vintage styles, particularly in aspects of fit and finish and sleek lines, his budding interest grew with each year as his efforts evolved from tinkering with pre-drilled pipe kits, to creating functional expressions of his interests shaped from raw blocks of briar and other "from scratch" materials.

Nate King is furthermore one of those budding pipe makers that genuinely desires honest critiques of his work from seasoned pipe makers. His positive attitude and willingness to absorb constructive criticism all helped him to substantially improve his work over the years, and the pipes he's making today reflect his desire and willingness to keep up to speed. Worked from quality materials, benefiting from their maker's background in high-performance machinery, and utilizing distinctive accents such as titanium (a clear homage to auto-racing and aircraft design), Nate King's pipes are quickly becoming something uniquely interesting in the collecting world.