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Sergey Ailarov received his first pipe as a gift for his 30th birthday. After falling in love with the hobby, he quickly understood that he needed a larger collection and came to a solution: he would create his own pipes. After purchasing a block of briar and some basic tools, he did just that, taking the first steps into a profession that would surpass careers in both engineering and music.

Today Sergey is one of the most highly regarded and talented pipe makers in Russia. His pipes strike a careful balance between form and function, with each piece showcasing the natural beauty of the block from which it was crafted, while first and foremost being enjoyable and comfortable to smoke. As for his aesthetic, Sergey draws from myriad influences — including the Danish and Japanese greats, as well as many Russian carvers like Revyagin, and some American artisans as well. His approach is simple: "A pipe must be a good smoker and it must be beautiful, thus it will become a friend to whoever comes to own it... it must touch one's heartstrings, and be able to awaken a sense of fantasy and association within the smoker." You can see this organic, evocative approach in all of his designs — from his more elaborate, flourishing Freehands down to his streamlined classics — with each one as impressive as the last.

In addition to crafting beautiful works of functional art, Ailarov is also a talented musician. In his free time, Sergey enjoys composing and playing his guitar, mountain skiing, table tennis, and spending quality time with his wife, son, and cat.