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Following her father's artistic path, Dasha Florov is a second-generation pipe maker from Chicago, and a talented artist across many mediums. Her paintings and illustrations are impressive, but it's in three-dimensional art, with briar and vulcanite, that her artistic voice rings clearest. While she began her pipe making journey alongside her father, Alex, in their workshop, she's currently pursuing a degree in Industrial Design at the Milwaukee Institute of Arts and Design, where she continues to hone her craft away from home. She regularly sends Alex photos of each pipe she creates, so they may discuss lines and other shaping cues — father and daughter, master and former apprentice.

Stylistically, Dasha's work hews closely to the classic Danish and Japanese traditions, with a few more sculptural pieces thrown in the mix. Aside from her father, she also takes inspiration from family friends Roman Kovalev and Konstantin Shekita, as well as a number of other Russian/Ukrainian artisans.