Gian Maria Gamboni is an Italian pipe maker who was born in Florence in 1970, though now lives in Rome. Given his immersion in Renaissance art in his youth and memories of his father (a sculptor and pipe smoker whose studio was often visited by other artist/pipe smokers) while in England, it's no surprise Gamboni wanted to make his own mark in the world of finer things. He picked up pipe smoking in the 1990s and has loved it since. After visiting Becker & Musico in 2007, he made his first pipe (Becker's influence in shaping can clearly be seen in his work).

In 2011 Gamboni began to "grade" his pipes using golfing terminology, which he further revised in 2013. For smooth pipes, the stamps are "Skins Game" and "Stableford". Sandblasted pipes are stamped "Fairway" or "Putting Green", while "Teeing Ground" is reserved for rusticated pipes. For his best pieces, he stamps "Hole In One", which is, perhaps, a good way to express excitement and rarity of the piece. Each of his stems are hand-cut from vulcanite rod with turned, incorporated tenons.

9 Gamboni pipes in this category.

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Sandblasted Apple (Putting Green) Gamboni Sandblasted Apple (Putting Green) 
SKU: 002-575-0017
Your Price: $370.00

Sandblasted Billiard (Hole in One) (47) Gamboni Sandblasted Billiard (Hole in One) (47) 
SKU: 002-575-0029
Your Price: $473.00

Sandblasted Egg with Bamboo (Hole in One) (13/57) Gamboni Sandblasted Egg with Bamboo (Hole in One) (13/57) 
SKU: 002-575-0036
Your Price: $550.00

Sandblasted Half Bent Tomato with Horn (Hole in One) (14/01) Gamboni Sandblasted Half Bent Tomato with Horn (Hole in One) (14/01) 
SKU: 002-575-0035
Your Price: $825.00

Sandblasted Lovat (Hole in One) (16) Gamboni Sandblasted Lovat (Hole in One) (16) 
SKU: 002-575-0018
Your Price: $460.00

Sandblasted Rhodesian (Hole in One) (52) Gamboni Sandblasted Rhodesian (Hole in One) (52) 
SKU: 002-575-0028
Your Price: $743.00

Smooth Apple (Stableford) Gamboni Smooth Apple (Stableford) 
SKU: 002-575-0022
Your Price: $610.00

Smooth Bent Tomato (Hole in One) (09) Gamboni Smooth Bent Tomato (Hole in One) (09) 
SKU: 002-575-0016
Your Price: $910.00

Smooth Professor (Stableford) Gamboni Smooth Professor (Stableford) 
SKU: 002-575-0032
Your Price: $675.00

002-575-0006 Gamboni Sandblasted Acorn (Putting Green) 
SKU: 002-575-0006

002-575-0002 Gamboni Sandblasted Apple (Hole in One) (02) 
SKU: 002-575-0002

002-575-0004 Gamboni Sandblasted Bent Acorn (Putting Green) 
SKU: 002-575-0004

002-575-0005 Gamboni Sandblasted Bent Apple (Putting Green) 
SKU: 002-575-0005

002-575-0010 Gamboni Sandblasted Lovat (Putting Green) 
SKU: 002-575-0010

002-575-0019 Gamboni Sandblasted Rhodesian (Hole in One) (15) 
SKU: 002-575-0019

002-575-0015 Gamboni Sandblasted Rholiphant (Hole in One) (18) 
SKU: 002-575-0015

002-575-0012 Gamboni Sandblasted Toroid (Putting Green) 
SKU: 002-575-0012

002-575-0001 Gamboni Smooth Acorn (Hole in One) (07) 
SKU: 002-575-0001

002-575-0020 Gamboni Smooth Squat Tomato (Stableford) 
SKU: 002-575-0020



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