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L'Anatra pipes are carved in one of the great centers of Italian pipemaking, Pesaro, in Northern Italy. The influence of the great Pesaro pipe makers is clearly visible in the L'Anatra brand, and yet it maintains a style very much unto its own: the workshop's pipes, though certainly elegantly neoclassical, are more playful. This playfulness is, perhaps, most concretely visible in the stem nomenclature and grading as they all feature a cast silver duck head on the stem. L'Anatra pipes offer an exceptional quality, more typical of pipes twice the price. Quite simply, they exhibit all of the superb characteristics of the finest Italian makers, but without the hefty price tag.

L'Antra's shapes are either modified Italian classics, or unique freehands that are stylistically their own. Most of the pipes are smooth with sanded chambers, though they sometimes sandblast and rusticate either the entire pipe, or small portions. Very rarely do they use cumberland rod for stems, since the Italian preference is for black acrylic (which they turn in one piece, including the tenon). Silver is the most-often used accent as either a ring or intricately wrapped band, though most pipes are simply a marriage of briar and bit.