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The new motto of the Luciano pipe is "Ne Change rien pour que tout soit different" . A Godard quote which, in a free translation, is another way of saying "Don't change just for the purpose of changing. Just stay the same and do it better."

With the advent of the new Luciano pipe, the company bucked against the prevailing trend--away from a greater mechanization--and towards the creation of a 100 percent handmade, artisanal briar. Luciano pipes are now created from long seasoned, plateau briar and hand shaped by new and highly talented carvers. In keeping with positive change, Luciano now features a multitude of new in-house designs, designs made in collaboration with famous Italian carvers, as well as replacing the totality of their older shapes with fresh, youthful and elegant designs. Providing you with a beautifully shaped briar, one lavished with great attention to all aspects of drilling and engineering, and to do so at an eminently affordable price has become Luciano's Raison d'etre. A purpose that they, clearly, take very seriously.