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Michael Lindner is an American pipe maker who was born and raised near Detroit, Michigan. He began making pipes in 2000 and has gained quite a reputation as a high-grade pipe maker. He had been repairing pipes since 1997, and, as is often the case, he tried his hand at making them from the beginning. Lucky for collectors all over the world, he not only figured it out, but developed a unique voice.

Michael carves around 100 pipes each year that are either turned or are strictly freehand, yet he also makes modern interpretations of old English classics. Not only does he pour meticulously over every detail in form, he does a fantastic job of bringing old-world colors and textures into modern production. One of his most recognizable features is his slot and button. Each Lindner pipe is made with a stem cut from ebonite rod complete with a turned tenon. The airway is larger at the button than most other brands, and a wide funnel and concaved button has become one of the signature elements. Very few carvers are recognizable by button, alone. The mouth-feel and attention to finishing each stem is a direct extension of his care in shaping and polishing the bowl. Not only will you find beautiful smooths or blasts, but many of them will sport materials such as horn, bamboo, and exotic woods.