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A little over a decade into his career, American artisan Scott Klein dreamt of a way to share his creativity and passion with a wider audience. He wanted to offer readily available, well-made pipes at affordable prices, without ever sacrificing the quality that's formed the backbone of Scott's pipemaking career. Thus Scott's Pipes was born, introducing an entire new audience to Klein's signature aesthetic and quality craftsmanship.

Presently, Scott's Pipes are crafted in Klein's old home workshop, retrofitted with special tooling and machinery for efficient production, yet plans to move into a retail/warehouse space are in the works. Scott's team also includes Steve Morrisette and Klein's fiance Meaghan Hudson, who are responsible for putting the finishing touches on Scott's Pipes.

Handcrafted series: Using the artisanal processes he's tested and perfected over his career, Scott designs, drills, shapes, sands, and fine-tunes every piece in the Handcrafted series. Once Klein is confident a pipe meets his exacting standards and reflects his personality and style, he passes it off to his expert team. While classic Dublins and Billiards certainly make an appearance, the Handcrafted line also offers freehand shapes like the Fig and Blowfish — all at seriously modest price points. In short, they're Scott Klein pipes for all to enjoy.

SKlein Designs series: More info to come!