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Sebastien Beo pipes are made in St. Claude, France, by Sebastien Beaud. Sebastien is also the owner of Genod pipes, which is one of the oldest factories still making briar pipes in the world, it having opened in 1865. The classic French shapes of the Beo brand are fantastic and offer a very good deal for the quality of the end product. Sebastien also opens his one-man factory to customers and guests wanting to see the very craft that put St. Claude on the map.

The differences between some classic French designs and Sebastien Beo pipes were introduced after Sykes Wilford mentioned that he wanted to sell great French-made pipes that had a larger airway in the shank (4mm), chamfered tenons, and more open [V-groove] stem slots. The craftsmanship is wonderful on these pieces, and the briar is extremely clean. Keeping all pieces traditional, the bowls are either smooth or sandblasted, with modified pre-form vulcanite mouthpieces. No pre-carb or varnish is applied; only stain, wax, and the continuation of French tradition.