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Simeon Turner came into pipes like many other carvers did: He decided to purchase one in a pipe shop. The difference was that it was purchased as a souvenir in London and didn't get smoked until many years later. In 2003, Simeon began to make a pipe from a kit - purely for fun - and saw it as a fun hobby at the time. Later, in 2009, he began to make pipes again in his own workshop. Attending his first pipe show in May 2010, Simeon has grown in name and craft and continues to develop his pipe making ability.

Simeon Turner is a teacher in Denver, Colorado, and makes pipes in his spare time. His shapes are modified and blended versions of classics and freehand designs that are usually either smooth or sandblasted, but some can be rusticated. His stems are all carved from solid vulcanite rod, and his tenons are turned from vulcanite as well - a rare thing these days. Not making large pipes, Simeon's work is focused around smaller bowls (Dunhill group-1 - group-3), and each will offer a nice pipe that is as pleasing to the eye as it is in the jaw.