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Walt Cannoy Pipes

Walt Cannoy is an American pipe maker from Lakeland, Florida. Like other pipe makers, his interest grew from seeing pipes at local shops and not being able to afford the ones he wanted, so he purchased a pre-drilled pipe kit and set out to make his first piece in 1997. And like many other pipe makers, the desire to create more pipes steadily increased over time until he left the pipe scene after only a few years for various reasons, and until recently Walt hasn't attended shows or been active in the market for nearly a decade, but his work - interesting, unique work - trickled around the world. Walt is, perhaps, best known for some of his various "out there" creations that are, in some ways, similar to Trever Talbert and Micoli.

Walt returned to making pipes in November 2012 and works on a single pipe from start to finish, unlike many other artisans whom work in batches. The stems are all hand-cut from ebonite rod with integral tenons, though some offerings utilize Delrin as a tenon. While his pipes can be smooth or rusticated, his most interesting and unique finish is through sandblasting; an ultra-fine texture he calls a "suede" finish (and it really does look like suede!). His shaping has also ventured into more classical shapes, but his unusual creations from the past will most likely resurface when inspiration calls.