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Yuki Tokutomi is the daughter of the great Japanese pipe maker Hiroyuki Tokutomi and began making pipes in 2005. Since that time, she has produced a very low number of highly sought after pieces. Similarly to Nanna Ivarsson, Yuki grew up with a master pipe maker for a father and was around his influence since an early age.

Her pipes are all made with very high-quality briar that is shaped before it is drilled (the same method her father uses) and each is fitted with a very comfortable vulcanite or cumberland stem and polished tenon that is completely cut from solid ebonite rod. Yuki's style reflects that of her father, but is more often subtle, yet very organic in the details. For stylistic influence, in addition to her father, she seems to draw on the work of Danish pipe makers Gert Holbek and, of course, the pipes of her father's teacher, Sixten Ivarsson. Yuki either makes smooth pipes, or sandblasted ones that are either fit with an elegant black vulcanite stem, or sometimes bamboo, boxwood, or ivory as an accent.