A Closer Look at Savinelli's 2021 New Releases

Savinelli has been fashioning pipes since 1948, and the Savinelli name has been associated with pipes and tobacco since 1876 in Italy when Achille Savinelli Sr. opened one of the first smoking shops. Throughout the decades, Savinelli has maintained a shape chart that beautifully blends traditional pipe shapes with those of more Italian-neoclassic character, and the Italian marque offers an array of series that range from reserved finishes and conservative color palettes to those of particularly avant-garde themes and whimsical arrangements. No matter one's stylistic preferences, Savinelli caters to the traditionalist and modernist alike and never fails to remain relevant with numerous new releases on an annual basis. For 2021, the historic Italian manufacturer welcomes six new lines to its portfolio: Arlecchino, Bacco, Bamboo, Camouflage, Collection 2021, and Lime.


Savinelli Arlecchino

In Italian, arlecchino translates to "harlequin" and refers to a specific dramatic role common in commedia dell'arte, an early form of professional theater originating in Italy around the 16th century. The arlecchino character was a comedic servant known for its physical agility and would often perform nimble, acrobatic stunts on stage even during the most mundane of tasks. Unlike other characters in a play, the arlecchino rarely contributed to the development of the plot but nonetheless was instrumental in the pacing and comedic entertainment of the performance. Savinelli's Arlecchino pays homage to this artful archetype in this new series. The line is defined by a singular shape, the "111 KS" Billiard, and limited to only 1,000 total pipes. Each piece is finished in either a smooth, natural stain or a dark rustication, both paired to a technicolor mouthpiece of mosaic patterning that calls to mind the colorful, checkered costume worn by the traditional arlecchino.

$128 - $156


Savinelli Bacco

Savinelli's Bacco series pays tribute to Bacchus, Roman god of the grape harvest, wine, ritual madness, fertility, theater, and just about all things associated with raucous parties. In Roman culture, wine and the grapes that produce it were viewed not only as gifts from the god, but also as symbolic representations of him on Earth. In Savinelli's homage to the deity and all Italian red wines, a shimmering Bordeaux-colored mouthpiece emulates the historic imbibement — paired to either a smooth, natural stain or a rugged, burgundy-hued rustication, with bright metal bands accenting the stem base.

$116 - $156


Savinelli Bamboo

Virgin-finished pipes are beloved by pipe smokers for their natural color palette and patinating ability, the briar gradually darkening with character as the pipe is smoked. Savinelli is no stranger to such a presentation, offering a number of virgin-finished pieces in the Italian marque's Riccio, Cocco, Ghibli, Noce, and Spinosa lines, all with distinct textures and color palettes. Joining that selection this year is the Bamboo series, presenting pipes in a uniquely rusticated texture that emulates the look of the line's namesake. A caramel-hued acrylic mouthpiece completes the aesthetic, with a pale-green accent ring modeled after the color of bamboo's leaves.



Savinelli Camouflage

While Savinelli offers a number of series that embody traditional pipe design with reserved finishes and conservative color palettes, the Italian marque is also known for its playful aesthetics and distinctly creative presentations. The Camouflage line ranks as one of Savinelli's most avant-garde and non-traditional series: The stummels are finished in rather classic treatments — a smooth, mahogany stain or a dark rustication — and each pipe is fitted to an acrylic mouthpiece of mottled green, brown, black, and cream, blending in with foliage and fitting in with the line's moniker, all accented by trim, chrome rings. Such a combination beautifully blends Savinelli's traditional and modern approaches to pipe making, resulting in a pipe that's aesthetically striking and handsomely rustic.

$104 - $124

Collection 2021

Savinelli Collection

Since 1985, Savinelli's limited-edition Collection series has featured a brand new, singular shape, one which is permanently retired at the end of the year's run, and 2012 saw the introduction of both smooth and sandblasted finishes within the Collection line. No matter the finish, though, Savinelli's Collection pipes prioritize superb grain and come complete with their own presentation box. For 2021, Savinelli designates a robustly proportioned bent Billiard as the year's defining shape, featuring a hearty, deep-chambered bowl paired to an elegantly arching shank-and-stem combination. The shank displays a triangular cross section, a signature Savinelli design element, with the shank's subtle ridgelines seamlessly integrated into the shaping of the gently downturned, tapered stem. It's available in four finish options: Natural, of which only 62 total pipes were fashioned, smooth Brown, Sandblasted, and Sandblasted with a smooth rim.

$304 - $544


Savinelli Lime

Savinelli's Lime series fits in well with the Italian marque's thematic line of pipes inspired by various types of food. Much like the pipes of the Miele and Vaniglia lines, which feature chambers coated with the sweet flavor of the lines' namesakes, Savinelli's Lime pipes are characterized by a lime-infused chamber coating to provide a flavorful break-in period. Furthering the fruit theme, these pieces are finished in a light brown stain fitted to a bright yellow, acrylic stem accented by a pair of trim, lime-green bands. Completing the aesthetic, they each come in their own special, vibrant green and yellow pipe box, with lime slices playfully covering the lid.


Whether invigorating your collection with the zest of Lime, appreciating natural beauty with the Bamboo, admiring colorful artistry with the Arlecchino, or unobtrusively observing your world with the Camouflage, there's a bacchanalia for every taste from Savinelli. Explore the entire array of new 2021 Savinelli pipes on site now.

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    • Matt on January 24, 2021
    • Are there any cheap starter pipes out there ?

    • Jihad S. Nakad on January 24, 2021
    • What would be the best material to clean the pipe with ?

    • Stephen Thomas on January 24, 2021
    • I’ve been buying Savinelli pipes since 1976 but stopped buying new ones about 25 yrs ago. The only problem with any Savinelli was the cheap quality of the vulcanite stems. Has the stems been improved? Secondly, how old is the briar used for these 2021 releases? How long has the briar been aged?

    • AZMountainGeek on January 24, 2021
    • All those new lines, and not a single 611 KS or EX in the lot? I'm sad.

    • Truett on January 24, 2021
    • @Matt, for sure! Savinelli's One series is devoted to just that. You can check out our selection here: https://www.smokingpipes.com/pipes/new/savinelli/index.cfm?tag=796

    • Truett on January 24, 2021
    • @Jihad S. Nakad, personally, I just run a pipe cleaner through the stem/mortise and around the inside of the chamber after each smoke. Then, every once in a while, I wipe the exterior with Savinelli's Magic Cloth (https://www.smokingpipes.com/accessories/pipe-supplies/moreinfo.cfm?product_id=100766)

    • Truett on January 24, 2021
    • @Stephen Thomas, most Savinelli pipes now have acrylic stems (at least regarding these new releases), and for many of them, the acrylic is proprietary to Savinelli and cast specifically for a series. As to how long the briar for the Collection 2021 pipes has been aged, that I don't know the answer to. I can say, though, that Savinelli does all their briar aging/curing in house.

    • Cakici on January 24, 2021
    • "...and 2012 saw the introduction of both smooth and sandblasted finishes within the Collection line."this information is partially wrong since the Collection line contains smooth pipes well before 2012. At least I can confirm that I have smooth 1989.

    • Embers on January 24, 2021
    • Being a collector of the 904 shape, I picked up the Bacco. It will be look at only as it has an acrylic stem, but is a very attractive pipe. It's strangely thicker than other 904s but is still a lovely piece nonetheless. I miss Savinelli's ebonite stems as my Giubileo d'Oro is also look at only due to the acrylic. Progress I guess.😕

    • LV on January 26, 2021
    • Not to start a fight, but genuine question: what are the arguments on defense of ebonite/vulcanite stems? Does confort beat the maintenance needs?As to Savinelli new lines... no 311ks? 😒

    • Truett on January 26, 2021
    • @LV, Bacco has 311 KS. The pictures aren’t meant to fully represent the entire selection ;)

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