A Closer Look at Savinelli's New 2022 Releases

Since Achille Savinelli Sr. opened one of the first smoking shops in 1876, the Savinelli name has become a staple within the pipe-smoking community, and for the past 74 years, the Italian marque has provided collectors with distinctive pipes elevated by Savinelli's unique Italian style. The brand is especially renowned for its thematic series, dressing pipes in evocative finishes and showcasing the marque's proprietary acrylic stems: Savinelli works closely with acrylic manufacturers to design and custom-cast special acrylic stems in detailed patterns and myriad color palettes. 2022's new Savinelli releases highlight this signature acrylic in the Foresta, Morellina, Pulcinella, and Granola lines, and include the marque's annual Collection shape. Like most Savinelli pipes, they're also drilled to accommodate a 6mm filter and include a 3mm adapter for those who appreciate more traditional airways. These new series embody Savinelli's reputation for luxurious Italian pipes, personifying aesthetic appeal and reliable quality in a range of styles, from stately and reserved to playful and avant-garde.


Savinelli Foresta

An aptly named series, Savinelli's Foresta line — "forest" in Italian — is defined by a deep, green color palette combined with a smooth, natural stain or a dark walnut rustication. Each custom-cast acrylic stem reveals a rich, conifer hue that leads tastefully into a trio of variegated acrylic accents — displaying a range of green hues from moss and olive to turquoise and lime — separated by twin nickel rings. It's a complex, tantalizing motif, offering nuanced visual texture that's at once elegant and refined when paired to the smooth finish but also rugged and naturalistic to complement the rustication.

Shapes: 606 KS • 616 KS • 628 • 320 KS • 510 KS • 106 • 111 KS • 310 KS
Finishes: Rusticated Brown • Smooth Natural
Prices: $120 • $160


Savinelli Morellina

Like that of the Foresta, the title of Savinelli's new Morellina series hints at its color palette: a deep walnut brown. It's available in both smooth and rusticated finishes, each offering an alluring, dusky motif, and features custom-cast acrylic stems of swirling cream and mocha hues. Such a stem emulates the look of traditional cumberland but with lighter tones and a more fluid pattern, adding intrigue and character to the overall theme. Morellina pipes are further accented by a trim nickel ring, completing the distinctive aesthetic but with an overall subdued demeanor — perfect for those inclined toward more traditional motifs but who still desire a pipe of individual style.

Shapes: 315 KS • 114 KS • 128 • 321 • 409 • 636 KS • 614 • 802
Finishes: Rusticated Black • Smooth Brown
Prices: $112 • $128


Savinelli Pulcinella

Savinelli's Pulcinella series expands the theme of last year's Arlecchino release. Like the Arlecchino, the Pulcinella draws inspiration from the commedia dell'arte, an early form of professional theater originating in Italy around the 16th century. The character Pulcinella is often recognized by his hunched posture, portly belly, beak-like nose, and gangly legs, and his portrayal typically depicted him as a clever schemer who feigns ignorance or as an incompetent simpleton who simulates sophistication. His archetype has become a traditional staple across Europe, and his costume often presents an all-white ensemble with a dark mask that accentuates his crooked nose. Fitting with this motif, Savinelli's Pulcinella series features pipes in either a rusticated black or smooth natural finish, united by a custom-cast acrylic stem with a checkered, black-and-white pattern, and it's available exclusively in Savinelli's iconic "645 KS" bent Brandy shape.

Shapes: 645 KS
Finishes: Rusticated Black • Smooth Natural
Prices: $132 • $160


Savinelli Granola

Savinelli's annual new releases often include a virgin-finished example: Last year's Bamboo line delighted with a distinctive rustication and evocative stem and accent, and this year's Granola pipes reflect a similar, natural color palette elevated by custom-cast acrylic stems emblematic of the line's grain-inspired theme. Dressed in a finely textured rustication, the stummels reveal a subtle texture akin to wheat and barley spikes, and the mottled stem displays complementing hues of tan, beige, cream, and mahogany in a distinctly oat-like pattern to support the overall theme. Moreover, since Savinelli's Granola pipes showcase unstained briar, their stummels will darken handsomely with a patina as they're smoked, developing further character to match the varying hues of the proprietary stem.

Shapes: 311 KS • 601 • 111 KS • 127 • 645 KS • 141 KS • 315 KS • 626
Finishes: Rusticated Natural
Prices: $180

Collection 2022

Savinelli Collection 2022

Unlike Savinelli's standard-production series, the annual Collection line features only one shape, a singular design exclusive to the series that's retired at the end of the year. Collection pipes have delighted aficionados every year since 1985, and this year's edition comprises a squat bent Dublin shape in four finishes: Sandblasted, Sandblasted with Smooth Top, Smooth Brown, and Smooth Natural (of which only 62 total pipes were fashioned — each serialized to commend their individuality). As a shape, the bowl bears a Pot-like stance but with the Dublin's characteristic upward flare, and the oval shank contrasts with subtle, accenting ridges along the flanks. Regardless of finish, all Collection 2022 pipes are crafted from select-grade blocks, revealing stunning grain, are fitted to an acrylic stem bearing Achille Savinelli's signature and a trim ring of natural briar at the base, and feature the line's defining plaque along the top of the shank etched with "2022 Collection" to distinguish their place among Savinelli's most limited releases.

Shapes: Bent Dublin
Finishes: Sandblasted • Sandblasted with Smooth Top • Smooth Brown • Smooth Natural
Prices: $320 • $352 • $400 • $560

These five new series from Savinelli continue the Italian marque's prestigious reputation for iconic shapes, evocative color palettes, and custom-cast, high-quality acrylic stems. From the refined and traditional motifs of the Collection 2022 and Morellina lines to the vibrant hues and alluring patterns of the Foresta, Pulcinella, and Granola series, Savinelli's new portfolio additions satisfy a variety of tastes, and they're all available on-site now. Which are your favorites from this year, and which themes are you hoping for from Savinelli in future releases?

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    • Tony on January 30, 2022
    • I love Savinelli and have many Savinelli pipes. The collection 2022 pipes are beautiful, but why they keep releasing these terrible stem combinations makes no sense. That black and white stem and the “Granola” stems are awful. And the bright colored Bing stems they did over the summer were so ugly. What happened to beautiful lines like Bionda, or Bruna, or the smooth Porto Cervo???

    • Joseph Kirkland on January 30, 2022
    • Great article, Truett. The Granola series reminds me of the Corallo di mare of the past.

    • Blake on January 30, 2022
    • That squat bent dublin is very sharp looking.

    • Stephen on January 30, 2022
    • More important to me than favorites or themes, is simply the opportunity to purchase a Savinelli that isn't specifically made for the use of a 6mm or 9mm filter. A simple 3mm draft path that doesn't require a filter or adapter is my preference, but seldom available from this manufacturer, especially in any new product line. Has valid research been done to support that the majority of pipe smokers in the United States prefer a filtered pipe? I liked the appearance, shape and style of the Foresta 606 KS, but when I discovered that none of the newly featured Savinelli's were available in non-filtered, I gave up contemplating a purchase and closed my browser.

    • I will hug him and pet him and call him George on January 30, 2022
    • If you don't like filters... that's why they provide adapters. Now I will close my browser.

    • Jim on January 30, 2022
    • @I Will Hug Him And ... George: Precisely! BRAVO!

    • Stephen on January 30, 2022
    • I believe that I simply & clearly stated my personal preferences, and asked a legitimate question, to hopefully gain a better understanding for Savinelli's approach to the US market. An adapter by its very nature is a form of compensation to provide a workable alternative to a unintended format. Mock me if you wish, but the use of an adapter (often made of lesser quality materials & lacking a precise fit), also necessitates the need to thoroughly clean an additional item, often with additional materials. If the reasoning is simply going to default to the adapter being the Godsend resolution, then why not just manufacture all pipes for a 9mm filter, with the alternative options being to offer a 6 & 3 mm adapter?

    • I Will Hug Him And Pet Him And Call Him George on January 30, 2022
    • @ Stephen: Didn't mean to come across as mocking. In my experience with my Savinelli collection, the 3mm adapters work and fit perfectly. And the included adapter, made to fit perfectly, really isn't that much of a chore to clean. I do see your point.

    • Truett on January 31, 2022
    • This is probably already well known by most, but on the off chance it's not by some: Savinelli offers unfiltered pipes in their Tre series (https://www.smokingpipes.com/pipes/new/savinelli/index.cfm?tag=1750) -- all with standard 3mm airways. Also, sometimes their Punto Oro pipes are unfiltered, but it just depends pipe to pipe.

    • Steve on January 31, 2022
    • Here's a full list of our currently available unfiltered Savinellis:https://www.smokingpipes.com/search/the-pipe-locator.cfm?category=33&displayNum=24&filter=1&sortOpt=default&page=1

    • Stephen on January 31, 2022
    • Based upon the current replies (of which I appreciate & truly hope are helpful shortcuts for others), I sincerely apologize for not keeping the issue as simple as limiting my original post to ask whether any valid research has been done to support that the majority of pipe smokers in the United States prefer a filtered pipe.

    • Truett on January 31, 2022
    • No worries, @Stephen! I wish I had a definitive answer to that question. I don't know the details of Savinelli doing any sort of case studies or anything like that, but it's certainly possible. Definitely a valid question.

    • Steve on January 31, 2022
    • @Stephen, I can't speak to any specific market research to definitively make the case one way or the other. I do know that for a long time the accepted wisdom has been that Americans tend to prefer unfiltered pipes. For instance, right now about two-thirds of the pipes on Smokingpipes.com are unfiltered. That said, that trend appears to be slowly changing, as we are seeing more and more filtered options available, so who knows what the future will hold.

    • Stephen on January 31, 2022
    • Thanks guys! I wish I could discuss the matter further with you both this evening, sitting outdoors around a campfire smoking our pipes & enjoying a glass or 2? of our favorite single malt. :)

    • AZ Mountain Geek on February 1, 2022
    • Another new crop of Savinellis, and again not a single 611 (KS or EX)) to be found. I get sadder each new release.Has Savinelli decided too no longer make the 611 shape? It's such a classic bent Dublin - I hope they come out with some new finishes soon!

    • D. Cooper on February 6, 2022
    • I agree with Tony the pipes are amazing but I really don't care for the strange stem colors and patterns.

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