Farm To Bench: Pilot

In this pilot episode of our new video series, Farm To Bench, Adam Davidson invites Jeremy Reeves out to his farm to discuss an exciting new discovery, one that just might change pipemaking as we know it.


    • Oom Howard on April 1, 2019
    • Wish I could grow some of those ... 🤣

    • Charles Mundungus on April 1, 2019
    • Adam & Jeremy: I know that I, for one, will be bringing my Future Farmers & Pipe Growers of America class with me to Chicago this year. Craig Cobine says you guys will be talking about the kinds of manure and fertilizer you used to such magnificent effect in this vido. Many thanks!

    • Thurman on April 1, 2019
    • Nice work and success on your results. For some reason I can only grow Brylons in my area. Hilarious and enjoyed the video.

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