Golden Days of Yore: Tasting Notes

Opening my tin of Golden Days of Yore instantly put me in the Christmas spirit. The aroma of eggnog, gingerbread immediately had me feeling homesick and left me longing for the winter months. Right from the first light you'll be able to tell that this is a special blend indeed — the tobacco flavors come though with the melange of holiday scents and flavors weaving in and out of the smoke through out the bowl.

As you progress through the smoke, you'll pick up hints of almond champagne and butterscotch, while "feeling" the spicy dark-fired and the musty fragrance of the Katerini, which support the top flavors more than they steal the spotlight. This is the blend you need if you find some holiday smokes lacking in that holiday essence, or are, inversely, over-flavored.


    • j.krug on September 11, 2015
    • Great review. I have a couple tins on the way that I am looking forward to trying. I will most likely wait till Christmas is a little closer before cracking one of the tins.

    • s.ireland on September 14, 2015
    • @J.krug Thank you! I think waiting to pop those tins will only make the experience more special. Especially since a few more months of age should do a lot for the lovely tobaccos underneath the melange of holiday aromas and flavors. I'm also planning to save a few tins for next Christmas!

    • unclebuccs on September 14, 2015
    • Shane - I just read your review. It somehow conjured up a longing for the discontinued Festivus by Ben & Jerry's... Will be trying this baby for sure.

    • s.ireland on September 15, 2015
    • @Unclebuccs I had to look up Ben & Jerry's Festivus but I think you're spot-on! Let me know how you like the blend once you've had a few bowls.

    • Brian on September 16, 2015
    • Come on, Chelsea!

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