Happy International Pipe Smoking Day 2017

International Pipe Smoking Day is such a special thing — an entire day dedicated solely to the enjoyment of briar and leaf. Since its introduction back in 2008, pipe smokers from all around the globe have come together on February 20th to celebrate this most unique of holidays, and it's all because of you. IPSD was born from your passion, your enthusiasm, your drive to make this hobby so much more: a link to the past, to tradition, to our roots. And we can't thank you enough for that, for making pipe smoking a living, breathing community spanning multiple generations and all walks of life.

So in anticipation for International Pipe Smoking Day 2017, we wanted to share some of our stories with you. We asked a bunch of people around the office to share what pipe smoking means to them through the following questions:

  1. How did you start smoking a pipe?
  2. What's your favorite thing to do while smoking a pipe?
  3. What does the pipe smoking community mean to you?

You can find our answers in the short video above, but as you wrap up your own IPSD celebrations, I encourage you to think about how you might answer these questions yourself. Can you find any similarities in your own narrative? Feel free to share your story with us in the comments section below. After all, today is all about you, my friends. We're just grateful to be a part of this thriving and inclusive community.

On behalf of everyone here at Smokingpipes.com, I would like to wish each and everyone of you a happy International Pipe Smoking Day!

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    • Eric G on February 20, 2017
    • Happy IPSD! I enjoyed hearing your stories. As for me...

      1.Two things got me started in pipe smoking. My only pipe smoking relative was my great grandfather, who I never knew but photos of him with a pipe always intrigued me. He was a well respected, important member of the community and a very kind man. The other thing is my parents in the 80's always watched old black & white movies and I saw countless pipe smokers in an age when most of my peers never saw pipe smokers. With both of those influences ingrained in my subconscious, when I turned 29, I decided I was old enough to be a pipe smoker myself. That was 12 years ago and I have enjoyed the relaxation occasional pipe smoking brings me ever since.

      2.While smoking a pipe I enjoy reading or just letting my mind wander. Although I'm too busy most of the time to just sit around smoking a pipe so I usually enjoy smoking while driving, working in my wood shop, or doing light yard work. One of my all time favorite times is when camping.

      3. A local pipe community seems non-existent for me even though I live in a city of over a million people. The online pipe community however is a fantastic group of people who are fun to chat with and without them I probably would have quit in my 1st month of pipe smoking without some kind guidance from veteran smokers on the forums.

    • Adam O'Neill on February 21, 2017
    • @Eric G I think there's a lot of current pipe smokers who can attribute their remaining in the hobby to the greater online community, including some of here at Smokingpipes.com. Thanks for sharing!

    • John Montoya on February 22, 2017
    • I started smoking pipes around 5 or 6 years ago. My story is probably like most others, my grandfather smoked a pipe. I smoked cigars for close to 20 years then I picked up a pipe. Haven't looked back in a long time.
      Started with a corn cob sold to me by Tom at the tobacco barn in mission viejo ca. (He's recently passed on) now I've got 6 nice pipes. Savineli's etc. I've even got 3 of my buddies to switch over to pipes. I could go on but I don't want to bore everyone.
      John Montoya

    • Adam O'Neill on February 23, 2017
    • @John Montoya Never John, we love hearing everyone's stories. Congrats on making some converts btw!

    • Bill Fritz on March 2, 2017
    • Enjoyed your article as usual. Started my first pipes about forty years ago ...an Author by Savinelli
      And a Nordig freehand. Gone through a lot of pipes since but these continue to stay in my collection.
      Peterson, Savinelli and Nordig free hands are my favorites at the moment.
      The total enjoyment one gets from a pipe smoke is hard to describe without sounding like a nut
      to outsiders. The aroma, taste, feel and appearance of a nice bowl....and most important the
      feeling of peace one has when he/she is enjoying the moment.
      One of those moments for me is right after a small breakfast with a hot cup of coffee.
      When I am totally alone with my thoughts and some great, soft music.What a way to start the day.
      Pipe smoking is a hobby not a habit.
      To me a pipe is a small sculpture to hold and look at. To enjoy in many ways.
      And you don't have to spend a fortune to do it.
      I have spent between 40 and 350 dollars and right nor my favorite was 69 bucks.

    • Adam O'Neill on March 3, 2017
    • @Bill Fritz Thanks for sharing Bill, and I'm the same way, most of my constant rotation are Ropps I paid anywhere from $40-$70 for. That being said, I recently added a Musico that's shot to the top of that list ;)

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