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International Pipe Smoking Day 2016
Happy International Pipe Smoking Day - Enjoy 10% off all products on the site

"...So it shall be for all time. If discord has broken out between two beings, let them smoke together. United by this bond, they will live in peace and friendship thereafter."
— Gitche Manitou (The Great Spirit, an Algonquian deity)

Tomorrow, February 20th, marks the day we've long been anticipating: the 8th annual International Pipe Smoking Day, during which we as pipe smokers will "raise... pipes together to foster friendship, benevolence, and tranquility across all borders."

With the advent of the Internet, we have been afforded the opportunity to be part of a global community of pipe smokers, an opportunity that did not exist in the hey-day of our pipe-smoking predecessors. In fact, given that pipe smoking has been around for thousands of years, the fact that a global community not only exists, but thrives is cause for celebration. The very aspects about pipe smoking that we will celebrate, namely the chance for contemplation, the value of ritual, patience, a calm disposition, are almost entirely antithetical to those celebrated by the ever-changing, lightning-fast world of chaos around us.

And yet, here we are, quietly holding our pipes, each one of us bound to the rest by an experience we all enjoy. It's very much like music, which is said to be a "universal language," a sentiment to which I certainly adhere. So, in honor of International Pipe Smoking Day, we're celebrating with a site-wide discount of 10% off all products today through Saturday, but also with a special video to remind us all of the "universal soundtrack" that will underscore today's festivities.

We're also hosting a very special Giveaway. Grand Prizes will include a $500 gift card to Smokingpipes.com and a handmade Claudio Albieri roll-up. But that's not all. From pipe stands to SPC swag, and a whole lot more, you'll be entered for a chance to win upon placing an order. The giveaway and sale end at midnight Saturday night, so take a look, and be sure to Experience the Universal Soundtrack.

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    • johnny nieto on February 20, 2016
    • That is not entirely wrong, because the cavendish is very subdued and the topping only rears its head at the beginning of the bowl.

    • Hla Tun, Myanmar on May 6, 2016
    • Smoking pipe gives me areal sense of life, it is since 1967 when I star pipe smoking and it is till now. We do have pipe tobacco these days unfortunately nowadays only few people smoke pipe and very low grade, only one brand available here. Ywalute, in Mon state produced very good pipe these days but those experts also gone. World standard Owndaw brand pipe tobacco, carvandish and bright mixture with excellent tin packing, like dunhill tin can get in 1970s, it is also vanished only left just saying.

    • Adam O'Neill on May 6, 2016
    • @Hla Tun That is unfortunate. We're happy to deliver though :D

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