Mystery Review: January 2024

Welcome to another thrilling installment of Mystery Tobacco Review, a monthly series in which our panel of experts attempts to identify a mysterious tobacco submitted purposely to stump them. For the first time in years, we are joined together in the same room to attempt to discern what we are smoking, and who made it. This month's Inquisitor is Bruce Kaufman, who works as a Customer Service Supervisor at our brick-and-mortar store, Low Country Pipe and Cigar. Will his selection for this month stump Alan, Truett, Shane, and me, or will we identify the blend and start the year with a win? Join us as we discuss the mixture and make our guesses, with the grand reveal from Bruce at the end where we discover whether we correctly identified his submission or if we'll start 2023 off with a humbling defeat.

What is The Mystery Tobacco Review?

For those unfamiliar with this little game, each month one member of our team — or sometimes an honored guest Inquisitor — selects a tobacco for us to review in a blind taste-test. Then we gather around the camera, scratch our heads, and smoke, all while attempting to guess the mysterious mixture's components, origins, and, when we're lucky, its name. There's only one rule: There are no rules.

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    • Darrick on January 19, 2024
    • Hey guys, I really like the new format - it's convivial, nostalgic, and cozy. It makes for a nice watch/listen while I'm at work. I really appreciate that you do this as it introduces me (us) to new blends. Best of luck in your tobacco blend "educated" guessing in 2024.Thx

    • Mark in CA on January 19, 2024
    • Great camera work, sound, room, and it's good to see everyone back together. Nice Job!.

    • Francois B on January 19, 2024
    • Just hanging with the boys! What a great time! I love it!

    • Francis on January 21, 2024
    • Need to stop listening to these. They are bad for my bank account. Just purchased some toscanos after all the talk about them in the beginning. Lmao.

    • Mike on January 21, 2024
    • The new format is great - gives off a relaxed vibe. Conversations seem more fluid also.

    • Gautam khanna on January 22, 2024
    • Love the setting—-way better having you all together in a room. Excellent guessing and thanks for a strong start to 2024

    • Luke P on January 23, 2024
    • PLEASE MAKE THIS INTO A PODCAST! Do more together. What this group contributes together is missing from the pipe scene and would be an amazing addition!!!

    • Francois B on January 23, 2024
    • I agree with Luke P. You gents have a charisma and chemistry that is simply fantastic!

    • Papamique on February 18, 2024
    • Once again, excellent content, a joy to watch and believe it or not it was educational. Absolutely love these mystery tobacco reviews.

    • Matt_M on February 26, 2024
    • Best moment, right around 14:00:"It smells like it's burning."Seriously, guys, this is another great episode. Also, Darrick, Mark, Francois, Mike, et al. are right. This return to an in-person setting works.

    • Marcus on March 9, 2024
    • We are missing the February edition!

    • Backwater MN on March 22, 2024
    • I sure hope we'll see a March Mystery Review!

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