Mystery Review: September 2019

Welcome back to the Mystery Tobacco Review, the blind taste-testing game everyone thinks they're good at until they're on camera. For this month's episode, we outsourced the selection of our Blend of Intrigue to Mike Flanigan, our Systems Administrator here at Smokingpipes. None of us are quite sure what he does (something with the internet, we think), but the man's got a deep, deep cellar full of delicious tobaccos; so at the very least, we knew we were likely in for a treat.

Join Truett, Shane, and me as we smoke through a bowl of Mike's chosen blend, make observations on tobacco components, flavor, and room note, stall for time, and eventually make our guesses. Did we get it right? Or did Mike prove that it's more than his job that goes over our heads? Tune in to find out.

What is Mystery Review?

For those of you unfamiliar with this little game, each month one member of our team selects a tobacco for us to review in a blind taste-test. Then we gather around the camera, scratch our heads, and smoke, all while attempting to guess the mysterious mixture's components, origins, and name. There's only one rule: There are no rules.

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    • Mark S on October 7, 2019
    • Commodity Fetishists: start your engines!

      Full marks to all of you for a series of remarkable and very perceptive observations. There is no greater enjoyment than hearing a group of dedicated and experienced pipe smokers discuss the many nuances of tobacco varietals and their combinations.

      Just two words of encouragement from someone who has been at this earnestly for over a half-century: be bold! Your instincts are always right, and they are your best allies in life. The tricky part is most often finding the right words to express your instincts. But the bolder you are, the quicker that will happen by trial and error.

      And to Shane Ireland: keep those equally perceptive and informative tobacco reviews coming. Take it from me: they are a true service. And here is a challenge for you: try to articulate what makes each individual mixture unique, because this is almost always the case except for those rare cases where identical compositions are marketed under various brands. In fact each mixture IS unique, but trying to say why is often close to impossible, but highly worthwhile.

    • Bill smith on October 27, 2019
    • Guy in the middle has the worst style I’ve ever seen.

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