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Sometimes called "Prince of Wales," or "Prince Regent," the Prince shape was allegedly designed for Edward VIII, Prince of Wales around 1920. Ever since, it's been common in line-ups across the globe, from Ireland, to France, to Greece, to even the occasional Turkish-made meerschaum number. That being said, I have to admit, I particularly like what the Italians have done with it — namely with the Savinelli "315."

While not offered in nearly as many variations as, say, their Billiards, Savinelli's Prince shape does come in three different sizes, the "315", "315 KS," and "315 EX," each with a slightly different look and feel. In standard size, it's the classic Prince shape we know and love. "KS" sized briars share that shape silhouette, yet sport slightly stouter proportions and a larger chamber to match. As for the "EX" designation, well, the understated, somewhat feminine form becomes something far more muscular and bold.

Savinelli Prince Tobacco Pipe at Smokingpipes.comIn addition to these three size designations, the "315" also appears in almost every series Savinelli produces. From the smaller Oscar Lucite with it's lovely golden acrylic stem to the hulking Hercules line, to long, slender churchwardens, this particular shape is one of the marque's most versatile. Its supple, flowing lines and elegant profile pair well with smooth, rusticated, and sandblasted finishes alike.

The bowl's plump form is rendered all the more pleasingly so in smooth variations, with clean, soft lines and an easy flow. That being said, there's no denying that the sandblast of the Giubileo d'Oro, Monsieur, and Onda brings out interesting grain patterns and plenty of stimulating texture. Or that Savinelli's rustication, particularly in the Corno, Hercules, and Roma lines, adds a more masculine feel to this graceful shape.

Now if all that wasn't enough, Savinelli offers this fantastic shape, as well as all their other shapes, with all kinds of accents. Maple? Horn? Colorful acrylic? How about metals of all sorts, like bright, cool sterling silver or nickel, or the warmer tone of brass? Depending on the series, these accents add a special touch to complement both shape and finish.

Which combination fits your tastes? Will it be an extra-large "EX" sized Hercules, a unique oak-accented Qandale, or something a touch more modern like the Obi-Ones (or Obi-Twos)? Well, that's up to you. Feel free to share your favorite Prince renditions in the comment section below!

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    • Richard Granger on January 16, 2015
    • Price please. I took the time to read your rather lengthy discourse and was disappointed you didn't mention price. Do I have to hunt for it? Come on guys..

    • Ted S on January 16, 2015
    • Richard, I think Kelly didn't mention price specifically because she's not talking about a specific pipe. She's discussing few different shapes (all Prince, of course) that Savinelli makes across a bunch of different lines, series, finishes, etc. She sort of mentions as much at the bottom of her article.

    • Andrew W on January 16, 2015
    • Hey Richard, if you're curious about prices, you can click the images in this blog post and see the price of that particular pipe featured on the website. Also, if you click the red "Savinelli" link, you can see all of Savinelli's listings and pricing on the site.

    • Northern Neil on January 16, 2015
    • I really enjoy my Savinelli 315KS from the Trevi line. It provides a lovely smoke and offers a visually pleasing brass band accent on the shank. Seems to really shine when VA/Oriental blends are smoked!

    • Jim on January 17, 2015
    • One of my favorite shapes! A Savinelli Hercules 315 EX, or a Dunhill 6128 (Diplomat/oval-shanked Prince), or a Dunhill 6407 (classic Prince of Wales) is a burley man's pipe; a group 3, 4, or 5 Prince is a true gentleman's pipe; in more delicate, elegant proportions, or as a small-bowled churchwarden, a Prince can be a refined ladies' pipe.

    • Tim on January 19, 2015
    • Savinelli is a wonderful marquee. I have a very large collection (200ish), primarily pre-60 Dunhills, GBD, Castello and Savinelli. I must say that Savinelli holds their own with anyone, and to this date I have yet to own a single Savinelli that wasn't at least a "good" smoker. Most are great. Even some of my throw away Savinelli's seconds I'd never throw away - they smoke too good! They do a great job with neo-classical and they do a spot on job with the classic shapes, like the Prince. The Savinelli 114 KS billiard is in my mind the epitome of what a billiard should be in every way. I could go on and on with their other shapes. Great label with great quality. Price point for price point in my opinion one of the absolute best values out there.

    • Jack+ on March 25, 2019
    • The prince is one of my favorite shapes. And Savinelli's 313 fits the bill quite nicely.

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