Andrew Wike
Smio Satou Visits SPC

As we returned from Chicago, we had a very special guest accompanying us. Rather than flying directly back home to Japan, Smio Satou decided to join us here in Longs, SC to check out our new facility and learn more about the process every one of his pipes goes through before it hits the site.

We walked him through all of our merchandizing and marketing departments, showing him how we capture his pipes' natural beauty through photography and photo editing, how they're all weighed and measured by our Merch team, and how we describe each one as a functional piece of art. And of course, we had some fun too. We even took him to a few tourist destinations along the beach to give him an idea of what life's like here in South Carolina.

It was a priviledge having such a renowned pipe making genius under our roof. While we taught him about our own processes, he had a few words to share about his pipe making technique as well — in a never-before-seen video interview which we'll be sharing soon. For the time being, here are some photos of Smio Satou at SPC headquarters.


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