Tasting Notes: C&D Cellar Series - Bijou

Having been equally excited by each of the previous releases in Cornell & Diehl's Cellar Series, I've been impatiently awaiting the newest installment: Bijou. What makes Bijou special, you ask? Well, it's the first Flake in the Cellar Series. It's also the first blend in the series to feature a very fine 2003 Red Virginia from North Carolina. Will it age well? Absolutely. It's designed with aging in mind. But it does have a head start thanks to that 2003 leaf. Bijou is very mature in flavor profile right out of the tin. The flakes are thin, supple, and easy to work with. It's slightly earthy and slightly sweet, with woodsy notes and hints of marzipan, honey, dark red fruit preserves, and base notes of earth and toasted nuts. I'm on my third tin in only two weeks and I'm confident at this point that Bijou is my favorite flake that Cornell & Diehl has ever produced. You're definitely in for a treat, so don't hesitate to sign up for our one-time in-stock notification down below, and get a few to smoke now, and a few for the cellar!


    • Flatticus on May 11, 2016
    • I don't have Shane's palate, but he's right. Best cellar series yet, best flake yet from C&D, this is good stuff.

    • Adam O'Neill on May 11, 2016
    • @Flatticus We definitely agree Chris, Friday is going to be a good day.

    • s.ireland on May 12, 2016
    • @Flatticus Glad you're enjoying it, Chris! There have been a lot of new releases in the past year, and a lot of really good ones. But my first few bowls of Bijou blew me away. I can't stop smoking it!

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