Tasting Notes: C&D Small Batch - The Beast

The Beast, the second installment of the Small Batch line, is Cornell & Diehl's tribute to the infamous Aleister Crowley, who was known for smoking his own version of a strong, rum-soaked Perique mixture as a meditative aid. In our latest Tasting Notes video, I face this Beast of a blend and give an idea of what to expect.

C&D's take, though mostly Perique, is much more complex than you'd might expect. The Perique is soaked in rum for 7 days, then combined with red Virginia Cavendish from single origin 2003 crop from North Carolina, as well as a touch of black Cavendish and little dark-fired Kentucky. Flavor wise, it's packed with spice, and lots of dark fruit and boozy notes, but still manages to deliver a nice, earthy tobacco flavor as well.

This blend hits the site on Friday. It's definitely a strong one, so try it if you dare. Better yet, sign up for our one-time in-stock notification for The Beast below. Just be sure to have a tall glass of water ready. You'll need it.


    • Michael on April 27, 2016
    • I think Haddo's Delight was meant as Greg Pease's homage to Crowley's rum soaked perique. I'm looking forward to seeing how the two blends compare.

    • Adam O'Neill on April 28, 2016
    • @Michael Be sure to let us know what think!

    • Ken on April 29, 2016
    • Can't wait to try this blend. I've read books by Golden Dawn members and Crowley.. looking forward to packing a pipe, and reading something esoteric.

    • archdruid on April 29, 2016
    • I have to try this! I have been reading the works of Crowley for years. A pipe of this would be a good smoke on the porch on a dark night.

    • Leonard Copeland on April 29, 2016
    • Thank you. Please notify me.

    • Leonard Copeland on April 29, 2016
    • Please send me notice.

    • Stan DeRusha on May 1, 2016
    • I'm looking forward to great taste!

    • Stan DeRusha on May 1, 2016
    • I'm looking forward to a new taste!

    • Perdurabo on July 18, 2018
    • Shane, I know you put some tins away for aging, as did I. My first impression of the Beast back in 2016 was “This is great, but with some age it’s gonna be better!” So after 2 years of aging, what does the Beast bring to the table? Smooth smooth smooth. This tobacco isn’t as spicy as “he”was when first opened, the perique offers more of a Fruit Cake aroma. The dark fired is more pronounced. (Or this could be the perique. Rum Soaked perique has a tendency to taste like dark fired kentucky) The Virginia and cavendish add a slight sweetness. The rum sweetens the tobaccos with notes of molasses and brown sugars. Overall I’m thinking this guy should’ve been a Cellar series. What do we need to do so The Beast can have a permanent residence in the portfolio of House Cornell &Diehl? This is truly a wonderful stout smoke for perique lovers.

    • Shane Ireland on July 20, 2018
    • @Perdurabo Man, I would love to see The Beast back in the regular lineup. Let's keep our fingers crossed! I'm also glad (but not at all surprised) to hear that it's coming along nicely. I might have to dig around and pop a tin soon myself!

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