Tasting Notes: Peterson's Elizabethan Mixture

When Dunhill announced earlier this year that it would no longer be producing tobacco, pipesmokers rued the loss of some of their favorite mixtures. Thanks to Peterson, however, those beloved blends are still available. They're the same recipes and feature the same tin art as Dunhill's, just re-branded for Peterson. But how identical are they, really?

On this episode of Tasting Notes, I take a closer look at Peterson's version of one of my favorite mixtures, Elizabethan, offering a full review plus a side-by-side tasting against the least aged Dunhill version in my cellar. I have to say, the results are quite promising.

Anyone tried these classic blends from Peterson? How do you think they stack up to the old Dunhill mixtures? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


    • BriarFox on December 19, 2019
    • One of my favorite blends. I have about 30 in my cellar aging and 20 on hand to smoke. Thanks for the video.

    • SteveS on December 22, 2019
    • I got a tin of this immediately as it became available. I was a bit skeptical since new makers of old favorites have a lousy track record in my experience, but this is a clear exception. The only difference I am able to detect is the word "Peterson" on the label rather than "Dunhill".

      I am very happy with this return of one of my favorite blends.

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