Tasting Notes Review: Wintertime Reserve 2022 - The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future

Welcome back to Tasting Notes, everyone. On today's episode, my good friend and long-time pipe smoker Saint Nicholas will be taking my place and reviewing some very special holiday tobaccos. That's right, join Santa as he samples and discusses this year's selection of Wintertime Reserve blends by Cornell & Diehl, which are free with the purchase of any new Peterson pipe through the rest of the year.

Note: The following transcription has been edited for clarity and brevity.

[Santa Claus]: Ho, ho, ho, everyone. It's Santa here, and welcome to another episode of Tasting Notes. My good friend Shane Ireland allowed me to stand in for him today to discuss something very special and festive. So during the months of November and December everybody who buys a new Peterson pipe — as long as they're on the nice list and not the naughty list — will be able to pick from one of three special Wintertime Reserve pipe tobaccos made by Cornell & Diehl: Ghosts of Christmas Past, Ghosts of Christmas Present, and Ghosts of Christmas Future. So simply purchase any new Peterson pipe, and you'll have your choice of one of these three festive tins. And today, Santa's gonna tell you what he thinks about the blends themselves.

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Firstly, Santa is currently smoking Ghosts of Christmas Past in one of his trusty clay pipes. It's a really rich and full mixture of Burleys — including dark, white, and a little cube-cut — and some Bright flue-cured leaf with a little bit of Latakia, and has been pressed into a cake. The Latakia's very faint. It adds a little bit of creaminess and a little bit of body to the smoke, but overall this is a really great Burley blend — one that any traditional Burley aficionado is going to appreciate. There's a great depth of flavor, a lot of richness, and it's very smooth and balanced. There's that signature nuttiness and cocoa notes from the Burleys, a little woodiness from the Latakia, and a little sweetness from the Bright leaf. Overall, it bounces back and forth between these sort of dry and earthy flavors and these nuttier, deeper, and richer flavors. Overall, it's a really complex mixture that Santa could smoke all day long; it definitely would hold up well outdoors around a campfire, especially after a heavy meal on Christmas Eve.

Ghosts of Christmas Present

Next up, Santa is smoking Ghosts of Christmas Present, which is a delectable mixture of Red and Bright Virginias cased with holiday cheer. The tin note is amazing, and reminds Santa of sugar or butter cookies. There's a little bit of a tangy undertone and a little bit of a fermented hay character. And all of that comes through in the smoke. It's really balanced with a medium body, though it's producing a lot of smoke, really. There's plenty of natural sweetness that's emphasized by the holiday cheer casing. There's notes of freshly baked bread, sugar cookies, butter cookies, as well as a little bit citrus-y tang. Just an excellent mixture if you, like Santa, are a fan of Virginias. This would be perfect on Christmas morning alongside a cup of hot cocoa. So if you're looking for something to put out on Christmas Eve for yours truly, milk and cookies would be fine, but a couple of bowls of Ghosts of Christmas Present would be most appreciated.

Ghosts of Christmas Future

Finally, Santa's smoking Ghosts of Christmas Future, which is a luxurious blend of Bright Virginias and Cavendish topped with notes of stone fruits, vanilla, and caramel. It's really rich and creamy with a beautiful aroma. In both the taste and the room note, the vanilla and the caramel come through, and there's just a hint of a figgy quality here. This reminds Santa of all sorts of holiday puddings and desserts, maybe even plum pudding — not the lovely tobacco blend, which Santa also enjoys, but the actual dessert. It's quite rich on the palate and definitely reminiscent of my favorite baked goods, sweets, and pastries. And I'll say, when Santa smokes it around the elves and Mrs. Claus, they definitely approve. It's the perfect holiday Aromatic mixture. And even if you're not usually an Aromatic smoker, Santa would still recommend this, because it is easy to enjoy. The natural tobacco flavors are at the forefront, and there's plenty of natural sweetness to complement the aromas and the toppings.It really just is a great blend for this time of year.

And there you have it, boys and girls: Those are my thoughts on this year's selection of Wintertime Reserve pipe tobaccos — The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Once again, during the months of November and December, if you're on the nice list, when you buy any new Peterson pipe from Smokingpipes.com, you'll get to choose between one of these three limited-edition blends. If you are a smoker who loves Burleys, Latakia, or bolder blends that are high in complexity, Ghosts of Christmas Past is a fantastic choice. If, like Santa, you favor Virginias, you'll find Ghosts of Christmas Present to be lightly sweet with plenty of body — a comforting companion to a nice cup of cocoa. And if you're a traditional Aromatic fan, or if you want something just a little more festive than your usual rotation, Ghosts of Christmas Future is a perfect choice. Thanks, everybody. Happy Holidays, and we'll see you next year. Enjoy.

Wintertime Reserve 2022 Pipe Tobacco Review | Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future


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    • Ho, ho, ho Santa! Awesome article, thank you.

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