The Return of The Beast

Cornell and Diehl's Small Batch: The Beast

Small Batch: The Beast will be available beginning Tuesday, March 21st at 6:00 p.m. EST.

It has been two years since Small Batch: The Beast last lumbered from the primordial swamps of Louisiana to plunder and ravage the expectations of pipe smokers with its terrifying abundance of Perique. The Beast is 51 percent Perique — enough to satisfy the most intrepid enthusiast and possibly intimidate those seasoned by conventional mixtures.

Cornell and Diehl's Small Batch: The Beast

It seems extreme, like recombining the DNA of a gerbil with that of a honey badger. The resulting honey gerbadger requires excellent training, but whether it grunts happily on a lap or unexpectedly bites off a nose will depend on how well its wild side has been genetically compensated for. No one wants a bad-tempered gerbadger rampaging around, bullying packs of coyotes, attacking delivery trucks, and decimating local livestock. Bringing a gerbadger into the world requires preparation, hard work, attention, courage, and steel-reinforced work gloves — but when nurtured and trained, imagine its potential. If right, it's a comforting, soft, friendly companion with enormous personality and the potential power of a seismic event.

Jeremy Reeves, the Head Blender for Cornell & Diehl, is among the few who can tame and optimize Perique in such a large proportion, leveraging its unique characteristics to highlight the complex flavor of Perique without permitting it to manifest excessive domination. It still dominates, though. Perique has a strong character — but when artfully blended, gloves are optional.

About Perique

31 Farms Perique tobacco

St. James Parish: 31 Farms

Perique is rare, growing in only one very small locality and subject to the whims of the weather. Rarer still is traditionally grown and cured, genuine Louisiana Perique. So rare is it, in fact, that Cornell & Diehl found it necessary to secure an agreement with an individual farm in St. James Parish: 31 Farms. That name doesn't reference 31 different farms; it's one farm, run by Derek Roussel and his father Ricky Roussel, whose badge number, when he was a police officer, was 31, and who has been called 31 for much of his adult life.

The Roussels grow and cure traditional, pure Louisiana Perique exclusively for C&D. Jeremy is intimately involved with the farm, participating in many of the processes that transform these unique tobacco leaves into proprietary, flavorful, and traditionally accurate Perique. "It's a project now in its fourth year," says Jeremy, "It was a terrific step forward to establish that direct relationship with a Perique farm and develop our own proprietary Perique source."

Ricky Roussel's family has been creating Perique since the 1700s with the Chickasaw and Choctaw tribes. "They would come down to the Mississippi River," says Ricky, "to grow Perique tobacco. One of the settlers was my great-great-grandfather, who had the opportunity to meet these Indians, and he learned about the tobacco and the techniques used in growing and curing it."

Traditional Perique curing is complex, requiring not only specific generational knowledge but the instincts of an artist and chef. Bourbon barrels are packed with 500 pounds of Perique and placed under enormous pressure by screw jacks. Every few months, the tobacco must be turned: the tobacco hands are separated and relaid and then placed under more months of pressure. It's a remarkable process requiring experience and large expenditures of time.

For a blend that's over 50 percent Perique, it's obvious that the best quality possible be employed, and C&D has arranged it. Only the Perique differs from the previous iteration of The Beast.

Characteristics of The Beast

"Originally," says Jeremy, "the blend veered more deeply into the darker and umami flavor profiles of Perique and it did not have much of the stone fruit and sweeter notes. Now, the Perique character is still umami and is still deep and savory, but also with fruitier elements and sweeter characteristics, thanks to this Perique from 31 Farms."

31 Farms Perique tobacco

Jeremy Reeves at 31 Farms

In accordance with its inspiration, the blend is immersed in rum for seven days. Aleister Crowley, The Beast himself, originator of his own religion and called by some the wickedest man in the world, famously smoked straight Perique soaked in rum, thinking that the infusion would release higher concentrations of nicotine and that the concoction could generate advanced levels of consciousness. Sadly, it doesn't work for that, but the resulting flavor profile is fascinating and worthwhile.

"Crowley's writings," says Jeremy, "indicate that he was aware of blended versions of Perique, cured in combination with Green River Burley, and he knew about pure St. James Parish versions as well. He took great pains to emphasize that the Perique he was using was from St. James Parish, Louisiana, and was pure Perique."

While The Beast is a tobacco that acknowledges Crowley's experimentation and highlights the tobacco's unique character, it does so in a much more sophisticated manner. "It would've been a little too on the nose for us to just take pure Perique and soak it in rum," says Jeremy. "Smoking straight Perique is kind of like standing in a very detailed and very intricate, labyrinthine room with all the lights off."

Jeremy acknowledges that straight Perique can be sensed as one-dimensional. It can seem like it's capable of only a single note, but that changes when it has other tobaccos to emphasize its more specific qualities. "I wanted to provide the flavor of pure Perique," says Jeremy, "but also provide an opportunity to experience some of the nuance possible when Perique is blended. I chose the subdued, understated tobaccos that would help propagate the flavor of the Perique, rather than trying to directly complement the Perique. I wanted the Perique to hold the floor, but with a wider flavor profile. Perique manifests an extraordinarily dense flavor and benefits from the contribution of other tobaccos for its complexity to be fully apprehended. In a blend, it's possible to find all of the nuance and exotic flavors that it can provide."

Contributing Factors

"Everything in the blend is in service to the flavor of the Perique," says Jeremy. "There's unsweetened Black Cavendish and a little Dark Fired, and some Red Virginia Cavendish, but the Perique makes up 50 percent of the blend and is really the main objective. All of the other components play supporting roles, mostly to allow the flavors present in the Perique to shine."

Aleister Crowley, The Beast himself, originator of his own religion and called by some the wickedest man in the world, famously smoked straight Perique soaked in rum

The Black and Red Virginia Cavendish attenuates the strength and concentrated flavor of Perique when smoked straight. "It spreads that flavor out across a wider spectrum," says Jeremy. "The way Cavendish is processed makes it much more mellow. It helps to disseminate the Perique flavor and give it room to breathe and flex."

Cornell and Diehl's Small Batch: The Beast

The Dark Fired leaf contributes nicotine to counteract the compound's dilution by the Cavendish. "It bolsters the naturally smoky character of the Perique and provides strength without being overt. Everything in this blend exists to provide as much of the experience of smoking straight Perique as possible while also offering the irresistible nuance that Perique can project when blended with other leaf."

The result is a unique tobacco mixture. The Beast's flavor profile is unlike that of any other blend, its generous proportion of Perique providing concentrated flavor illuminated by umami, loamy earth, sweet ripened stone fruits, boozy spice, mesquite wood, and a barely perceptible touch of freshly cracked pepper.

Cornell & Diehl's The Beast is especially suited to the armchair explorer in all of us, launching us on a journey of exotic flavors, complex tobacco interrelationships, and time travel to a more traditional era, and is positioned to captivate, delight, and enchant the intrepid, courageous, and inquisitive. An exploration of its depths promises adventure, satisfaction, and discovery.

Few pipe tobaccos have investigated Perique as their primary blending component, but Cornell & Diehl has developed a Perique blend that Aleister Crowley himself could only aspire to experience. Small Batch: The Beast is offered as a limited edition of only 6,543 tins, so the window of opportunity will likely be short.

From the pipe of Aleister Crowley to yours, with vast improvements, Small Batch: The Beast comes round at last; it slouches toward Smokingpipes, to be born on March 21, 2023.

Cornell and Diehl's Small Batch: The Beast

Small Batch: The Beast will be available beginning Tuesday, March 21st at 6:00 p.m. EST.

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    • B.R. on March 19, 2023
    • Sorry,The crowley allusions turned me off to the small batch. Enjoy yourselves.

    • Miles2623 on March 19, 2023
    • Thank you. The Crowley allusion turned me on to the small batch. Can't wait to enjoy some of this.

    • SO on March 19, 2023
    • Cornel and Diehl is disgusting for this moloch product.. And shame on Smokingpipes for selling it. I will reconsider my tobacco purchases.

    • Damien on March 19, 2023
    • Let him that hath understanding reckon the percentage of Perique in The Beast, for it is 51 percent, one percent over 50, and 51 percent is it's measure. Take heed ye of little tolerance. And lighten up for God's sake.

    • UnholySmokes on March 19, 2023
    • Excellent. Sacrificing innocent children to the dark lord was really starting to lose some of it's luster until my fellow heathens and I discovered this blend. This new version should only make doing evil deeds even more enjoyable... 🔥🤘😈🔥...🤭😄

    • JohnA. on March 19, 2023
    • It’s just pipe tobacco. Don’t let the Crowley references keep you from enjoying a good tobacco. I’m a perique enthusiast.

    • DA on March 19, 2023
    • Paying tribute to Aleister Crowley? Why they would use a man like that as their inspiration is baffling to me. I'll pass.

    • Scubbs on March 19, 2023
    • Can’t wait to grab some tins! I’ve missed the last few batches! All the comments about Crowley and what he did but I didn’t see anyone bashing lovecraft when they released from beyond! Rable rable… beggars and choosers.

    • James G on March 19, 2023
    • This sounds like an awesome blend. Crowley would be proud. Religious freedom is an empty concept without tolerance, unless you're a Puritan.

    • Seth Collins on March 19, 2023
    • Yall are some pearl clutching old ladies.

    • CPN on March 19, 2023
    • How about a tin with the Christian cross, some scripture, and the description mentioned it's the perfect blend to be smoked while meditating on the Word of God. Then the cries of tolerance would quickly, and predictably change to "stop shoving religion down my throat...REEEE"

    • 9876 on March 19, 2023
    • I personally won't try this blend for two reasons.1. While I love a good Va/Per, I don't care for the perique heavy blends. At 51% it would be way too perique heavy for my taste2. I understand them using a famous pipe smokers from the past as inspiration, but as a Christian I am turned off by someone like Crowley being used as the inspiration for this blend.That said, it's just my opinion and I won't be chastising anyone who wants to give it a try.

    • James C on March 19, 2023
    • I'm a very satisfied customer of Smoking Pipes. Your service is great!I am also a ChristianYour choice of citing a malevolent beingschoice of tobacco is a huge mistake in marketingLove you Chuck but you missed on this one

    • Seth on March 19, 2023
    • lol at the people offended by Crowley being mentioned.

    • Greg N. on March 19, 2023
    • I hate Crowley....this is one of the tobacco blends I really regret not cellaring deep.

    • C. Jens on March 19, 2023
    • The irony of a page full of enthusiasts whose hobby, where you're prone to taking the time to commune with your higher thoughts, is suddenly loaded with zealots and short sighted satanic panic yokels, where in the 80s did this lot re-surface from? Don't tell me you act this way about Halloween too? Get a grip and rate the product, don't grandstand like there's some morality at stake when you light your pipe.

    • James C on March 19, 2023
    • I was criticizing the marketing idea of using a satanic figure to promote a product. Bad move

    • Travis R on March 20, 2023
    • Got one tin back when it was first released and still have some, not because it wasn’t good but because it was so good I had a fantasy of trying to copy it knowing it was a small batch. Hope to get more this time around, it was absolutely fantastic. Also kind of funny how an old chubby long dead English dude is still so scary to some.

    • CPN on March 20, 2023
    • Travis's not the long dead man that is scary, but his philosophy, and that some today are inspired by him. Should have been obvious.

    • C. Morris on March 20, 2023
    • The Christians are right to boycott it. The "tolerance" mongers themselves are intolerant and wicked and vile. Good for those devoted to God for standing up for themselves for once. I kinda wanted a tin to try, but I'm leaning pretty far into the pass-on-it opinion now. Using somebody objectively repugnant to market pipe tobacco is pretty repulsive. C&D ain't the only company out there. isn't the only business in town.

    • Ben on March 20, 2023
    • Absolutely comical that so many are so peeved by this. I'll be passing because of the 51% perique, not because of the crappy old english guy whose worst offense to many seems to be a fascination with demons, not his sexism, racism, or antisemitism. I have my guesses as to why they only take issue with the demon interest.

    • HPL on March 20, 2023
    • Hoping people are as good as their word and there as some tins left when I log on. Always been intrigued by Crowley's choice of baccy since first reading about many decades ago.

    • CPN on March 20, 2023
    • @Ben People were objecting to Crowley influences with this blend, yet you imply they were only concerned with his fascination with demons (even though none of the objectors specifically mentioned demons), and say they would be ok with his racism, sexism, anti-Semitism. That's quite a leap in logic you just made. How about all of the above (racism, sexism, anti-semitism, fascination with demons, among other things) is what is objectionable about Crowley. Hilarious lack of critical thinking, but fairly typical for those that love to hurl the R word around.

    • DA on March 20, 2023
    • For those that think objections to Crowley inspiration are silly, I'm sure there are historical figures you wouldn't want representing a pipe blend. Stalin was a pipe smoker, but I doubt anyone would welcome a Stalin inspired blend called Gulag. Or say if Hitler was the inspiration for some blend...everyone would object to that (and rightly so). Point is, there would be some historical figures you would also object to being used for a blend, and wouldn't purchase that blend.

    • Typo on March 21, 2023
    • I agree with DA and others. Why would you choose such a person as the inspiration for the blend? Its poor judgement and poor taste (not a reference to the tobacco). I suppose it was meant as a joke, just not a funny one.

    • PD on March 21, 2023
    • The name is clever. See, it's a name association related to pipes and tobacco, smokers from the past. Beast meaning "something formidably difficult to control or deal with"Very common usage.50% perique? Sounds nasty enough to kill some serious illness, or maybe weeds?

    • DLM on March 21, 2023
    • Did you people fall on your head?I won’t be participating in this if you sold it for .25 cents a tin! C&D and Smoking Pipes you folks made a horrible business decision here!

    • nicholas f on March 21, 2023
    • You people are pathetic. Smoking tobacco is not a religion. If you don’t like the tobacco, pass it on or throw it away. If you like it, buy more tins. As the Who sin: “Got no religion as far as I can tell”!

    • Merton on March 22, 2023
    • Don’t forget to boycott Dan Tobacco Devil’s Holiday, too.

    • Ichiban dipper on March 22, 2023
    • I'll smoke a bowl before church so I can top up on sins. I really think the Lord has bigger fish to fry.

    • SO on March 22, 2023
    • Did anyone at C&D wonder how a satanist-named product would be received by christian pipe-smokers so close to Easter, the most important Christian holiday?

    • PDJ on March 22, 2023
    • This is entertaining stuff, particularly for a pipes and tobacco website. Looks like the I Heart Evil Demons Virginia blend is out.

    • Frank P on March 23, 2023
    • Oh my goodness. So many folks with their shorts in a bunch. This is about pipe tobacco fellas not religion. But you go right ahead and go there if you want. Your loss.

    • Lloyd Seested on March 24, 2023
    • Where were all the negative religious comments about Presbyterian Reformed?

    • Lloyd Seested on March 24, 2023
    • How about The Country Squires INDIAN OUTLAW? Talking about offensive.😂😂😂😂

    • Dethmutt on March 25, 2023
    • SMH. If you dont like the product dont buy it. Just like if you dont like the television show, change the damn channel!!! stop telling other people what to like or not like because of an inflated sense of self importance!

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