Adam O'Neill
Will It Grape: Capstan Blue x Captain Black Grape

For our first ever episode of "Will It Grape" Adam takes on an old favorite, Capstan Blue, and promptly sullies it. For science!

Got a recommendation for things that might actually grape? Just straight up mad at such sacrilege? Feel free to share your thoughts/frustrations in the comments section below.

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    • LC Kid on February 1, 2018
    • Wow!

      That's really courageous...

      I mean, I didn't even know there is a Grape OTC aromatic, but 'blend' it with the noble Capstan Blue? Again: Wow!

    • Adam O'Neill on February 1, 2018
    • @LC Kid Courageous or foolhardy? We'll let you know when we figure out which ;)

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