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Don Pepin cigars are the brainchild of Don Jose Pepin Garcia, the CEO of El Rey de los Habanos, Inc.,based in Miami, Florida. His name is synonymous with quality and master blending. His skillful hand plays a considerable role in the development of many cigar brands that even reach beyond his focused company. Begun in 2002, his factory makes all of his cigars and, as noted earlier, many other brands. With such outstanding accomplishments in the cigar industry, it's no surprise that these recipes blended from Nicaraguan, Educadorian, and Habano-seed leaves come together so successfully.

Don Pepin
Black Edition 1950 Toro

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Reg. $8.00 $7.20

Don Pepin
Black Edition 1970 Belicoso

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Reg. $8.20 $7.38

Don Pepin
Black Edition 1979 Robusto

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Reg. $7.40 $6.66