Granger: Granger 12oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-722-0001

Granger Pipe Tobacco is a Burley-based blend with a slight top flavor. This rough-cut classic lights and burns easily, delivering a crisp, mellow, medium-bodied smoke and a pleasant, fragrant room note.

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  • Components: Burley
  • Family: Burley
  • Cut: Ribbon
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4.25 out of 5 stars
Holy Smokes!
May 03, 2019
Product: Granger Granger 12oz
I just received my can of Granger in the mail today and it was one of those “Where have you been all my life?” moments. I’ve been searching for the tobacco my grandfather smoked and this has been around forever, so I thought I’d take a chance. I was... Read More
Very Pleasantly Surprised
December 08, 2017
Product: Granger Granger 12oz
I am in the midst of trying and evaluating several of the OTC burley-based blends. I've recently tried Half and Half. Smoked the entire 12 ounce tin and I actually liked it. I see a lot of Half and Half bashing in the various review forums, but IMO i... Read More
Perfect In Every Way!
May 29, 2019
Product: Granger Granger 12oz
I find this a very reliable and satisfying smoke! It's what I would call a confetti cut, it packs easily and burns very well. The predominant character is that of simple untweaked burley, mild but with just enough edge. Packed light and sipped slowly... Read More
Gifted History
February 20, 2017
Product: Granger Granger 12oz
I was gifted this tin for Christmas by my college age daughter who said she "simply bought it because it had a pointer on it". You see, we had a German Shorthaired Pointer for 13 years and that dog was an iconic family member. Not only do I apprec... Read More
September 11, 2018
Product: Granger Granger 12oz
By far the best Granger I have ever had
My Dad's Favorite
May 11, 2017
Product: Granger Granger 12oz
I tried this recently because the blue can was a fixture of my childhood. (I'm 67.) I love it! What I love is the pure taste of tobacco. I sense no flavoring standing between me and the burley. This has become a regular for me.
Sit Boy, Sit🐕
June 05, 2021
Product: Granger Granger 12oz
Granger and Half & Half are by far my favorite codger blends. Also, this and the old Holiday Excursion ship logo are the two best tin designs in pipe tobacco history! 👍
Cocoa/Molasses/Beechnut Chewing Tobacco
December 26, 2020
Product: Granger Granger 12oz
Love the rough cut. It makes loading the pipe much easier. This is very different than the original. This one is very heavy on cocoa, moderate molasses and a little lighter on anise. There's a sweet maple sugar in there too. When pushed, the bak... Read More
Happy Marriage
August 12, 2020
Product: Granger Granger 12oz
It's like Half & Half and Sir Walter Raleigh regular went on a date, fell in love, married, and had Granger nine months later. Then that Granger was raised in a loving household and became a well-rounded adult.
A Great Burley for the Price
May 05, 2020
Product: Granger Granger 12oz
I’ll start out by saying that I purchased this blend on nostalgia. This is the blend my grandfather smoked and for that reason alone, I had to try it out. I’m typically not a burley smoker but this stuff is good. It smokes cool and dry, burns well, a... Read More
Bringing back memories
July 11, 2019
Product: Granger Granger 12oz
I'm new to smoking a pipe. This tobacco not only smells as good as I remember but it is also easy to smoke and enjoy whipe I reminisce about my Opa. This is my daily smoke.
Pleasantly Surprised!!
December 21, 2016
Product: Granger Granger 12oz
Got some of this from a friend. WOW!! I really like this stuff. First time smoking Burley, and I must say I really like it! It's so different. I taste some citrus notes, and a little bit of Chocolate as it seems. I am buying some of this!!! This is a... Read More
March 29, 2016
Product: Granger Granger 12oz
I admit, I bought a can of Granger based solely on nostalgia alone. I'm not a huge Burley smoker, but after lighting up a bowl of this 'baccy, I can see why many refer to it as an "all day" smoke. After peeling back the lid of the can I too... Read More
A solid, inexpensive and Tasty Burley
October 27, 2015
Product: Granger Granger 12oz
At under $2 an ounce, Granger is a great Summer and Fall companion in a Cob. I really like the Rough Cut which is in between Prince Albert and Sir Walter which for me means it burns easily but also cool. While I do slightly prefer PA's Cocoa topping,... Read More
July 18, 2021
Product: Granger Granger 12oz
Flavor is good, but 2 weeks after cracking the tin its still too wet
July 27, 2018
Product: Granger Granger 12oz
I bought a tub of Granger about 4 monts ago. At first, it bit me no matter how I smoked it or what I smoked it in. Now after some time to rest, it nips a little on lighting and for the first few puffs, then mellows out to a GREAT old burley smoke! Gi... Read More