Germain: Medium Flake 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-030-0010

Red, brown, and gold Virginia tobaccos are pressed to give a medium color and a medium rate of burn for this Germain flake.
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November 29, 2023
Product: Germain Medium Flake 50g
生草:甜、有复杂的水果味、香草、柑橘、山楂、近问有股药味还有葡萄的味道。 风味:青草、甜味、柑橘、泥土、药香、过鼻刺激,果酸、果香持续、变化不大,稳定且持续的一款调香草,老斗客可能会觉得略显单调。
October 14, 2019
Product: Germain Medium Flake 50g
April 12, 2022
Product: Germain Medium Flake 50g
December 30, 2018
Product: Germain Medium Flake 50g
Not what i was expecting. All day smoke for sure. Super smooth and tasty
Nothing else even comes close
October 20, 2015
Product: Germain Medium Flake 50g
I got a hold of 10 tins of this,and couldn't get myself to smoke anything else,I finally stopped and kept 2 tins for special occasions. It is pure Virginia tobaccos,and nothing added,but it leaves a wonderful after taste of honey.I have been searchin... Read More
Excellent Virginia Flake
October 20, 2018
Product: Germain Medium Flake 50g
A long awaited smoke. More of a shag than a flake, Medium Flake comes in extremely thin flakes that are largely in a shaggy clump. Upon opening the tin you're greeted by the signature aroma of Germain Virginias. Excellent. I packed and smoked it ... Read More
a really good virginia flake
September 08, 2016
Product: Germain Medium Flake 50g
Also a really good Flake of Germains . The tobacco has a nice sweetnes , good Virginia base with a touch of citrus(not comparable to the Orlik GS) and is mild to medium .For me tastes better when it is already open for a while= More Tastes