Low Country: Atalaya 2oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-384-0010

Named and blended for Smokingpipes' brick-and-mortar store Low Country Pipe and Cigar in Little River, South Carolina, Low Country pipe tobaccos are all crafted by Cornell & Diehl — also located in South Carolina. They're blended to be classic, easy-smoking mixtures, honoring South Carolina's historic Lowcountry and named for some of the region's iconic rivers. As a limited-edition blend, Atalaya deviates from the riverway motif, but still maintains its Lowcountry theme, having been named for the historic Atalaya castle.

A cultured Virginia/Perique mixture that marries the familiar with the exotic, Low Country's Atalaya is a unique, ready-rubbed blend that combines Red and Bright Virginias from 2019 with C&D's proprietary Red Virginia Cavendish for a rich, flue-cured foundation. A generous portion of genuine Perique from 31 Farms in St. James Parish, LA, contributes piquant spice and dark-fruit richness supported by aged Izmir and Basma sun-cured leaf. Atalaya is pressed to expertly marry its flavors, then sliced and tumbled for easy packing and enjoyment. A deep and flavorful, medium-to-full-bodied blend, Atalaya is excellent right out of the tin while commanding sensational aging properties. Only 5,000 2oz tins were produced.

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  • Components: Virginia, Perique, Orientals
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Broken Flake
Customer Reviews (19 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.32 out of 5 stars
April 17, 2024
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
低地国家 阿塔拉亚 生草:果香、酒韵类似甜酒。 点火后:坚果、奶香、香料、花香、青草、酒韵、木香、泥土、面包、干草。 口腔里面能感受到:柠檬的果酸,果干的果甜,甜味薄弱,会有回甘,淡淡的烟草味与辣感。 烟气方面:胡椒感明显,烟气浓郁丝滑,燃烧稳定,会有些许劲道。 总的来说,这款草值得注意的是。会有醉烟的风险,果酸明显果甜微弱。适合对尼古丁有一定要求的斗客。
The new white whale of the tobacco world!!!
October 21, 2022
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
Finished my first two tins. I can see why they named it Atalaya, meaning "watch tower," in Spanish... which is fitting. This blend does have a very traditional, antique South Carolina spirit, which I absolutely love. It smokes like an unexpected and ... Read More
Solid, no nonsense VA/per
October 26, 2022
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
This is a very good blend. I would definitely say this is closer to full bodied. It’s a robust, but not over the top blend. The perique is nice and peppery, the orientals throw in a little tongue tingle, but I do struggle to detect any real flavor ... Read More
November 25, 2022
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
I like what Salty Briar said about the blend being “meaty and delicious”. This is a true American-style Virginia Perique with some Orientals thrown in to keep you puffing and appreciating and wondering how and why there are so many tobacco snobs out ... Read More
October 20, 2022
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
Well, nine tins coming back to stock for the people that enjoy this one. Disappointed and that's being polite.
Keeps me coming back for more!
November 02, 2022
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
This blend produces a lot of smoke and smokes cool and smooth. I smoked three consecutive bowls and not even a hint of tongue bite. The mouth feel is bread / hay, and I found the blend to be very complex. Starts smooth with subtle flavor notes and... Read More
The very spicy
December 01, 2023
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
The strength and taste levels are in the center of medium to full. This gourmet blend is aptly named after a modern castle in South Carolina, as this blend is fit for a king. A broken flake that's easily manageable.
great blend
November 19, 2022
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
Most describe this as a Va/Per but I feel it is actually a Per/Va. The Perique is up front with the virginias giving a nice supporting sweetness with a nice cereal overtone instead of the usual bright citrus or hay. After first light I caught a cou... Read More
November 18, 2022
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
Tin note of pungent, tart fruit, and mildly sweet figs. The mostly dry broken flakes are mostly brown with a little tan and a little dark brown. No drying needed and it rubs out with a little effort. Burns moderately slow with few relights. The stren... Read More
March 05, 2024
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
March 03, 2024
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
Very intriguing blend..worth a buy and a try.. Wanted to give a shout to the SmokingPipes folk and Shane Ireland for the awesome videos..they are not only helpful and insightful in terms of purchase but also very enjoyable.. Appreciated
November 08, 2023
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
Very pleased that Atalaya is back for another release. This is a fabulous blend with a perfect balance of component tobaccos. And the perique is wonderful.
Let me Atalaya
April 24, 2023
By: ST
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
I've smoked several bowls of this and "let me tell ya" it hits the spot. The perique hits my nose in just the right way and the Orientals highlight its aromatic qualities. The red Virginias meant I had to sip a ton of water while I smoked it, but I t... Read More
Very good taste and aroma.
February 09, 2023
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
I just could not contain myself from praising this product. I am not a fanatic of Va Per mixtures, but this one I liked very much. The very subtle floral aroma and soft taste from this tobacco mixture is a real treat to have while rotating with other... Read More
January 27, 2023
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
Wish i would have bought more
June 18, 2024
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
Unique VaPer...full of flavors and aromas with a very sophisticated complexity that puts Atalaya as a very distinctive blend. A very beautiful and memorable smoking experience!Double thumbs up!!!
top 5 for sure
May 28, 2024
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
I love this stuff. I have a thing for tangy savory spicy complexity and this one hits all the marks. It gets even better with a few months of age. I wish I could buy it in bulk.
April 21, 2024
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
November 27, 2022
Product: Low Country Atalaya 2oz
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