Low Country: Edisto 2oz Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-384-0009

Named and blended for Smokingpipes' brick-and-mortar store Low Country Pipe and Cigar in Little River, South Carolina, Low Country pipe tobaccos are all crafted by Cornell & Diehl — also located in South Carolina. They're blended to be classic, easy-smoking mixtures, honoring South Carolina's historic Lowcountry and named for some of the region's iconic waterways.

Among the longest free-flowing blackwater rivers in America, the Edisto is the largest river system completely contained within South Carolina. Framed by ancient oaks draped in Spanish moss and historic tupelo-cypress trees, its gentle, steady current meanders over 250 miles to its mouth at picturesque Edisto Beach, reflecting the easy-going lifestyle of those who call its shores home. Low Country's Edisto pays tribute to this local sanctuary with a relaxing blend of naturally sweet Red Virginias, pressed and sliced into delicate flakes for the perfect all-day, everyday pipe tobacco.

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  • Components: Virginia
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Flake
Customer Reviews (24 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.29 out of 5 stars
April 08, 2024
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
低地国家 埃迪斯托 2022 生草:果香、水果发酵,会有一点甜香。 点火后:青草、泥土、柑橘、木质味儿明显、蜜香、深色果酱、少许面包与焦糖。 口腔里面能感受到:柑橘的酸甜,也会有咸口,它有类似淡淡的蜂蜜面包的味道,蜜甜。 烟气整体柔和,风味丰富清晰。烟气凉爽过鼻,无压力,只有轻微的刺激感。 总的来说,这款草还整体还是不错的,风味明显且容易捕捉,口腔里面的酸甜感保持的很好,值得推荐与尝试。
Another unsuccessful new mix from C&D
May 16, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
This is once again a blend I was pulled into by the chatter. Once again the tin note was good, some dark fruit, little hay, smelled intriguing. Once again the smoke itself started out ok, but then by the midway, the casing had burned off and the low ... Read More
February 14, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
my regulars are primarily Orlik Golden Sliced and P.S. Luxury Navy Flake, which are more toward the brighter Va. flake side with more hay and grass with sweetness so this did not lean toward my preferred flavor profile. opening the tin you will fin... Read More
April 30, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
This is a wonderful blend. I have been searching for a suitable replacement for Ye Olde Signe as Peterson, much to my chagrin, doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of reviving the blend anytime soon. Edisto checks very similar boxes for me: slightly ... Read More
Instant Classic
February 12, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
I feel like the flavor strength is above medium. There is a sweetness that hits just right in my opinion, not syrupy but there and natural. Tangy, fruity, with no bite but there is a slight spiciness that only adds to its appeal.
Great Red VA Flake
February 05, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
Now this is a good one. Classic C&D style flakes that rub out and pack extremely easily. Tin note is of fresh baked bread, moldering leaves, and a light sour fermented note that comes off as fresh fall apples. Lights instantly and stays lit, i... Read More
April 05, 2023
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
If you like Carolina Red Flake, you'll probably like this. It's got more brightness than CRF, while still having plenty of body and VA depth. For me, that means I MIGHT like it even more than CRF, which is awesome, because it's a little cheaper and a... Read More
February 23, 2023
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
Tin note of grassy, tangy fruit, and spices. Tobacco is a flake of reddish brown and dark brown with a little tan sprinkled in. Moisture content is great. Flakes rub out easily. Burns moderate with few relights. The strength is medium and nic is mild... Read More
January 20, 2023
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
The first born of CRF! Sweet red Virginias that are ready straight out of the tin. Flavorful and full throughout the bowl. Early an all day blend, readily available and priced reasonably.
A reasonable substitute for Carolina Red Flake
September 16, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
New Peterson’s Christmas XL11 came today along with a tin of Edisto. I’m still working my way through a 2020 tin of Carolina Red Flake but temptation got the better of me so I popped the lid and after a brief inspection, rubbed out a bowl full and am... Read More
这款草不错 有明显的香甜味
May 04, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
这款草表现的中规中矩 ,对的起它本身的价格 而且是罐装的 方便储存
Finest Everyday Virginia
April 21, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
If you like the stewed fruit, slightly spicy, rich taste of a red Virginia, this is among the best available. Packs easy, lights easy, burns easy. Rub it out or stuff and puff, it performs well either way. Capstan Blue has been my favorite Virginia b... Read More
Fantastic smoke!
April 18, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
This is a very good pipe tobacco. This is the blend that really got me to pay more attention to Virginia's. It is very good. tin note is sweet with plenty of dried fruit tones. It was a fantastic pipe session. Just good wholesome natural tobacco ... Read More
Classic red Virginia flake
February 07, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
Just finished my first pipe full of this stuff. It's a classic red Virginia flag, to my taste, a little more to the tangy/sweet side then the bready side. Very tasty, and if they ever sell it in bulk, I will buy multiple pounds for the cellar.
Great Red Virginia
September 09, 2023
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
This is a great red Virginia flake great flavor and easy smoking strong enough for a Balkan guy to enjoy. This may not be Carolina Red Flake but it is a very solid and cheap everyday driver. Will put a couple lbs in the cellar
Makes a great cigarette
October 01, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
I didn't care much for it in the pipe but crumbled some up and it makes the best cigarette I've ever tasted.
Emerging Flavors
August 31, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
All in all a very nice Virginia flake. Starts light, like American tobacco cured for cigarettes. However, this flake develops a rich cigar like taist as you smoke it down. This is where the magic happens. Pairs very well with Rochefort 10, or any o... Read More
A worthy, but distant, 2nd
August 17, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
As C&D's Carolina Red Flake won't be returning, I felt compelled to try this one. The flavor is unmistakably Red Virginia, though if this what passes for a flake these days, someone needs to reexamine the production. My tin was so crumbly it couldn't... Read More
Cook It
April 05, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
I ordered several tins based on the rapturous reception, but was quite disappointed with my initial encounters with the real thing. The tobacco is moist and the flakes are medium-fine, and the tin aroma is as you’d expect for a Virginia. The smoking ... Read More
Delicious Virginia
February 25, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
This is the best Virginia I've tried in the past. As a Latakia supreme principle, I usually smoke only Balkans and English. It smokes as often as it does. It's less irritating and has a natural sweetness, so it's a pity that it's sold out even tho... Read More
Quality Reds
February 09, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
Straightforward reds. High quality on its own but works well with a pinch of burley. I'm glad I was able to get some.
Nice addition
April 09, 2023
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
This is one of C&D's better virginia blends. C&D virginas tend to be far too young for me, generally, but this one is pretty tasty. It's not at the level of Yorktown, my personal favorite. It won't be joining my rotation though, as it didn't knock an... Read More
April 16, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
Nothing special here for me. Nothing disagreeable but it just doesn't satisfy the reasons I smoke.
Stoved 200°/300 minutes
April 10, 2022
Product: Low Country Edisto 2oz
Smooth top to bottom. Stoved 200°/300 minutes. Opened can to oatmeal cookie smell. Let stoved tobacco oxygenate and cool down for 30 minutes. Loaded a bowl, let it sit overnight, put some in my humidor, and jarred the rest. It's even better in the hu... Read More
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