Low Country: Peach Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 005-780-0004

Low Country's Peach: Black Cavendish blended with white Burley, and topped with notes of apricot and vanilla, making for a smoking experience redolent of sweet peaches.

Room Note:
  • Components: Burley, Black Cavendish
  • Family: Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
Customer Reviews (10 Total)
Overall Rating:
4.00 out of 5 stars
Good tobacco for the price.
October 11, 2018
Product: Low Country Peach Bulk
I love the pouch aroma and also the smoke. Simple enjoyable smoke without bites, however, it lacks the complexity and character.
Let sit for a while
January 20, 2019
Product: Low Country Peach Bulk
When we first got this, we were impressed by the taste, BUT it was tongue bite in a bowl. We weren't sure it was going to be especially smokeable, but decided we would stuff it in a jar for a while, and see if some age improved things. Believe it or ... Read More
November 30, 2018
Product: Low Country Peach Bulk
Found it to be average, gets a little harsh low in bowl.
November 13, 2018
Product: Low Country Peach Bulk
Muy rico lo recomiendo
Very Peachy
October 25, 2018
Product: Low Country Peach Bulk
Lots of peach flavor. Mild smoke, so I mix this with the Virginia / dark burley to boost the nic and mellow the peach flavor. When its all blended together it makes a great ryo smoke.
Very Nice Surprise
September 27, 2018
Product: Low Country Peach Bulk
I wasn't expecting such a great smoke for the price!! No burn and stayed lit.
Delicate and wonderful
September 22, 2018
Product: Low Country Peach Bulk
Sometimes we look down on blends because of the price. I played a small Gamble and bought this. I smoked it and I was surprised by the soft flavors and no tongue bite. So I ordered 1 pound peach and will keep this blend on a permanent rotation. I cou... Read More
Blends Well
September 20, 2018
Product: Low Country Peach Bulk
I started my pipe smoking adventure about two months ago and this tobacco is one I’ve ordered more than once. For me, I’ve found that it blends very well with PS Black Cavendish, one of my go to blends and helps it burn longer without relight. The pe... Read More
sweet, pleasant and easy light
September 18, 2018
Product: Low Country Peach Bulk
did just get some of this peachy thing in my last order, it has a mellow taste sweet but nutty, with a really pleasant smell, packs pretty light burns cool and no bite, tin note its pretty similar to the room note you will produce, moisture its just ... Read More
Very Nice
March 07, 2018
Product: Low Country Peach Bulk
The Low Country Peach is very nice! It's mild, sweet, peachy and lamost no bite. Makes the cave smell like someone is baking a peach cobbler The wifie like the aroma too..