Mac Baren: Stockton 100g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-039-0031

Originally introduced in 1953, Stockton was among the first "roll cake" or spun-cut tobaccos produced under the Mac Baren name. While the term is typically associated with flake-cut blends, Stockton was originally described as a "navy cut" tobacco, alluding to the tradition of sailors cutting coins from their rolled tobacco bundles to smoke.

Stockton is meticulously spun into ropes using select, whole Virginia leaves as a wrapper, encasing a core of unique Cavendish made from spicy dark-fired Kentucky. Once spun, each rope is stored for weeks before being sliced into delicate coins.

The flue-cured wrapper delivers a natural sweetness balanced by the slightly sour, woodsy and piquant notes of the dark-fired Cavendish. By percentage, Stockton contains more proprietary Cavendish than any other spun-cut mixture in Mac Baren's portfolio, leading many to consider it the strongest (and boldest) of the roll cakes. Minimally cased, it offers a pure, true tobacco flavor, evocative of traditional (non-Latakia) English mixtures from bygone eras.

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  • Components: Virginia, Dark Fired Kentucky
  • Family: Virginia
  • Cut: Coins
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4.68 out of 5 stars
July 24, 2020
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
This is definitely a man’s tobacco. If you wear flannel and cut down trees with an axe all day this is right up your alley. If you’ve ever fought off a grizzly with a Bowie knife... ok you get the point. Like Latakia, Dark Fired Kentucky is cured us... Read More
Spicy !
August 05, 2020
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
Spicy mixture. Very good blend of Dark Fired and Virginia. Easy to pack, light and slow burning. Almost perfect !
I'm glad I bought and tried this tobacco
May 01, 2021
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
So, I'm glad I bought and tried this tobacco. Perfectly made as was the custom in the 50s of the last century. Virginia and Dark Fired Kentucky are a great pairing that gives a delicious taste and strength. The coins are cut thinly, which allows you ... Read More
April 17, 2021
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
August 27, 2023
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
April 24, 2021
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
Try it with coffee and donuts.
Solid and pleasant
September 18, 2020
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
I finally got around to opening the tin, and immediately regretted not having bought another one or two to cellar. This is a beautiful tobacco in both taste and aroma. Does what it does without pretension or fuss. Next time they do a limited run of t... Read More
July 29, 2020
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
Mac Baren's Stockton Spun Cut what a plesant surprise for a Virginia/Perique flake smoker. Most often when I buy a limited editio tobacco I'm not happy, not this time. Stockton is totally different from the tobacco I usually smoke but if you're a V... Read More
Stronger than Royal Twist
March 10, 2024
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
Hope this were available all time.
A very satisfying
July 12, 2023
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
If you like the taste of tobacco without any of the aromatic toppings typical in Danish/German offerings, Stockton should fill the bill. Won’t bite or get harsh, but it does sport a few small rough edges, and a light tongue tingle if puffed fast. An ... Read More
June 24, 2023
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
It always puzzles me when I see that a blend is reintroduced to the market in limited amounts especially when it’s a venerable one like Stockton. MacBaren was making this blend years ago and took it off the market only to bring it back in a limited e... Read More
June 23, 2023
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
Tin date Feb 2023; tin note of mildly sweet, mildly tart and slight grassy. Tobacco is a coin cut of orangish tan, brown and dark brown centers. Moisture content is ok. Some pipe smokers will want to dry this a bit. Rubs out easily. Burns slow with a... Read More
June 22, 2023
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
Up to now i tried maybe a hundred of different blends, some of them i loved, and some - just meh. But never happened to me that i fell in love and enjoyed profoundly the very first bowl of a new tobacco. This blend did it. Extraordinary.
A fitting special edition
July 12, 2021
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
This is such great stuff. What more could I say that hasn't been said already. It's bright, yet smoky, bready and grassy, nuanced and robust. Leaves one wanting for more, to be sure, but it's well worth saving for a special occasion anyway, because i... Read More
I must be doing something wrong
July 08, 2021
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
I don't know what's going on here. This stuff is really good, but it bites me pretty hard. I've tried packing it every which way possible, taking my time sipping while it's barely lit but that bite... Good grief. My tongue hates me every time I try s... Read More
delicioso, perfecto
June 03, 2021
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
Me encanta fuerte completo puedo fumar esto todo el tiempo me encanta la nota de habitación
Glorious!.... 5 STARS!
April 27, 2021
Product: Mac Baren Stockton 100g
Mac B, please..please!..put this into production. It's SO good! This could be an all day, every day...