McConnell: Scottish Flake 50g

Product Number: 003-042-0013

Dark Red Virginia slices, McConnell's Scottish Flake is medium in strength and naturally sweet.
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4.75 out of 5 stars
Top Ten Tobacco
March 27, 2016
Product: McConnell Scottish Flake 50g
McConnell Scottish Flake and Scottish Cake are truly, uniquely magnificent. As an everyday pipe smoker, I am hard pressed to 1.) find a blend which displays mature flavours even while young 2.) find a blend which is neither too strong nor too light 3... Read More
June 05, 2016
Product: McConnell Scottish Flake 50g
I think this is the most interesting flake around, and is vastly under appreciated. It is both sweet and tangy, and at the same time slightly earthy. The Virginia and Perique elements provide a sweet,peppery edge with a main body of pure tobacco flav... Read More
One of the best
September 10, 2018
Product: McConnell Scottish Flake 50g
I really enjoy this a lot. It has a lot of good red Va flavor that is nicely complimented by the burley and perique. Stays lit really well and smokes and tastes great in a wide assortment of pipes. Not overly complex but there is enough going on to k... Read More
Not good
January 21, 2020
Product: McConnell Scottish Flake 50g
Tasteless. Not worth the price. Don’t stock up on this one. I’d turn back if I were you.
One of the Best
January 20, 2018
Product: McConnell Scottish Flake 50g
Wow! This tobacco is absolutely sublime. Get it while it is in stock because that does not seem to happen very often.
More than decent flake
March 23, 2019
Product: McConnell Scottish Flake 50g
This is a pretty good flake. Tin note is plums, earth and orange zest. Z fold and stuff, with a few threads above, a bit of tamping and I only need one or two relights. Perhaps it's just me but it might get a bit hot if you're not careful. Taste is e... Read More
Top 3 Favorites
July 21, 2018
Product: McConnell Scottish Flake 50g
I should tell you that this tobacco is awful, and TERRIBLE, so you won't buy it and leave it all for me! But I must praise this gem for what it is. Sweet, tangy, and creamy--wonderful. I don't know too many ways to describe this wonderful tobacco bec... Read More
A Satisfying Smoke
April 06, 2018
Product: McConnell Scottish Flake 50g
The tin note is rich, earthy, natural tobacco and not much else. Thinly-sliced perfect flakes are dark brown and behave well in the pipe. The Burley is somewhat dominant in the smoke, with a good Perique content. The strength builds in the second hal... Read More
October 03, 2017
Product: McConnell Scottish Flake 50g
Just right
May 25, 2015
Product: McConnell Scottish Flake 50g
I've tried a lot of Va-Per blends over the last couple years, and sometimes it felt like I was lost in the middle of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" - this one is too cased, this one is too bland, this one is too sweet, etc. In my opinion McConne... Read More
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