McConnell: Pure Perique 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-042-0008

As its name suggests, McConnell's Pure Perique entirely comprises Perique pipe tobacco. It's intended as a blending component to enhance established mixtures or create personal blends at home and utilizes the finest, ribbon-cut leaf for a natural flavor profile.

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2.83 out of 5 stars
Strictly blending baccy Jan !
January 24, 2022
Product: McConnell Pure Perique 50g
Little drying time before you blend i find this adds an outstanding touch 👌
Sorry - no good
August 17, 2020
Product: McConnell Pure Perique 50g
Probably the 2nd worst tobacco in my experience. :-(
January 18, 2018
Product: McConnell Pure Perique 50g
The heavily oil stained packaging, wet, heavy consistency deserves humidification. Then, the smell, wow. Some say this not Perique, but a pinch here and there is like a dessert wine. Will try other Perique in my future pipe plans.