Vauen: English Blend No. 22 50g Pipe Tobacco

Product Number: 003-448-0012

Vauen No. 22 English Blend is a creamy English crossover, blended from smokey Latakia, black Cavendish, golden Virginia, and just a pinch of Burley for spice, then lightly topped in vanilla and bourbon for a touch of extra sweetness.

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  • Components: Virginia, Latakia, Burley, Black Cavendish
  • Family: English Aromatic
  • Cut: Ribbon
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3.83 out of 5 stars
Aromatic Yet Still English
September 13, 2015
Product: Vauen English Blend No. 22 50g
Primarily an English smoker and mostly an aromatic hater, every once in a while I'm thrown a curve ball. When you describe an English tobacco with words like Black Cavendish, Vanilla and Bourbon I'd generally say "No Thanks!". But increas... Read More
Not overly sweet
December 11, 2015
Product: Vauen English Blend No. 22 50g
Decided to try this tobacco based on youtube review, it's actually not too bad. I made sure to smoke it in a small nosewarmer as to not to ghost my other pipes, i would definitely recommend to other english blend smokers on the fence about trying an ... Read More
Scottish treat!
May 28, 2018
Product: Vauen English Blend No. 22 50g
Vauen’s English Blend is a real treat. This sweet concoction is similar to Sweet Killarney with Latakia added, which makes it ideal to me. I really consider this more of a cross-over blend as it smells like an aromatic, but has a nice light-English ... Read More
English sweetness!
May 20, 2018
Product: Vauen English Blend No. 22 50g
Vauen tobaccos flew under my radar far too long. When I discovered their top shelf tobaccos I began with Vauen English Blend No.22 and it's been a favorite ever since. It's a Latakia forward Burley/VA blend that has some Black Cavendish added for sw... Read More
Nice crossover
August 05, 2020
Product: Vauen English Blend No. 22 50g
A high quality tobacco that would make a nice crossover blend for someone tiring of straight aromatics but still need some extra topping before embarking on the world of traditional english blends. It is a little too sweet for my taste at this stage ... Read More
오래된 제품은 이것도 꽝
March 24, 2016
Product: Vauen English Blend No. 22 50g
스모키 라타키아의 향은 오래된 제품일수록 심한 소독약 냄새가 강한데 자세히 맡아보면 희미하게 바닐라향도 첨가되어 있지만 심한 소독약 맛 때문에 바닐라향을 맡을수가 없음. 라타키아가 오래 숙성되면 가향된것은 사라지고 결코 구수하지 않는 심한 소독약 냄새만 주류를 이루는듯함. 제발 신제품을 좀 보내주었으면 좋겠음.재고처리 해주기도 이젠 힘들다. 내가 왜 오래되었는지를 알수있냐면 개봉시 피식거리는 소리도 약한데다가 안에 있던 속지가 변색이 심하게 ... Read More