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When Edna Bertin, a professional musician and ceramicist, and Alexandre "Ale" Vichinheski, an industrial designer, first met, they bonded over their love of pipes and tobacco. They shared an appreciation for clay pipes and regretted how the medium had fallen out of popularity among modern pipe smokers. Fueled by a desire to return to the golden age of clay pipes, Edna and Ale founded Clarin Clay Pipes in Brazil and devoted themselves to honoring the clay-pipe tradition by crafting some of the finest quality clay pipes available. The name "Clarin" refers to the "clarin trumpet" or "clarion," an old wind instrument not unlike the modern bugle, and it's still used today in traditional monarchical celebrations as a symbol of prestige. The name honors Edna's grandfather, who introduced her to music at an early age and who played the clarion.

Clarin Clay focuses on exclusive shapes and classic designs, as well as creating a customer experience akin to purchasing and owning a briar pipe — replete with plush pipe bags, beautiful boxes, and artful branding. For Edna and Ale, clay pipes are as collectible and heirloom-worthy as briar pipes, not subpar or disposable, and they approach their craft with that level of intentionality and quality. Every Clarin pipe is handmade by Edna, utilizing traditional techniques combined with modern processes and tools; she completes the molding, pre-burning finishing, and final finishing of each pipe, one by one. Through their pipes, Edna and Ale are intent on enhancing the reputation and raising the status of clay pipes throughout the pipe-smoking world. See their work below and explore our selection today.