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Tine Balleby has always been drawn to creative endeavors, but it wasn't until she pursued pipe making that she realized her need for a creative outlet could also serve as a career. Initially, though, she hesitated to follow in the footsteps of her father, Danish artisan pipe maker Kurt Balleby. Surrounded by pipe making her entire life, the younger Balleby wasn't confident that the craft would appeal to her; it seemed unconventional, and working alone in a workshop didn't appeal to her at first. Only a certain type of person could find this work fulfilling. At her father's encouragement, though, Balleby entered pipe making and found that she is, in fact, that type of person. The workshop became her sanctuary and the craft of pipe making, her calling. Artisan pipe making ignited a passion within Balleby greater than any traditional career she had imagined. She found the sense of belonging that she had before searched for in a traditional education and more conventional career paths. What once seemed an eccentric pursuit has now become a life-giving passion, both fulfilling and purposeful.

Under the direction of her father, Balleby has refined her craft and excelled in creating exceptional handmade pipes. For Tine, Kurt's tutelage transcended mere technical aptitudes, transmitting a shared passion and an understanding of quality materials, shaping aspects, and a deep appreciation for the artistry and history of handmade pipes. Pipe making has also catered to her detail-oriented mindset. From selecting a specific briar block and shaping intricately according to its distinctive grain to utilizing specialized tools and precisely finishing a pipe to best showcase its natural beauty, Balleby's eye for detail is an invaluable asset. It's important for her that her pipes not only look pristine but also function flawlessly; her meticulous attention to detail ensures that each Tine Balleby pipe excels in both of those categories.

Balleby's shaping style draws inspiration from her father and from Bo Nordh. She enjoys elevating classic shapes with innovative design elements, transforming smoking instruments into pieces of art and examples of sterling craftsmanship, and she's also motivated to experiment with organic and asymmetric designs, challenging herself to improve her aesthetic prowess and create truly distinctive pieces. Her personal pipe making style is one that involves a continuous absorption of other artisans' work blended with her own artistic vision. Tine's pipes reveal echoes of her father's work merged with Nordh's free-spirited approach, paying homage to the history of artisan pipe making — and her familial tradition — while embracing the freedom to express her own creativity. She's deeply invested in the connection between pipe maker, pipe, and collector and is committed to crafting pipes that fill a chapter in the overarching story of artisan pipe making.

Every Tine pipe is entirely handcrafted from the highest quality briar and vulcanite, and for accents, she regularly uses boxwood, mammoth, horn, or bamboo. Moreover, each hand-cut mouthpiece is distinguished by a 14-carat gold teardrop logo, an homage to Kurt's diamond-shaped stem logo.

Outside of pipe making, Balleby prioritizes being physically active and regular morning exercise, beginning the day with a burst of energy that she carries with her into the workshop. She also enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures and appreciates how pipe making has facilitated her global exploration.