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Xu Hai is a renowned Chinese artist, specializing in traditional calligraphy, seal making, and painting. In addition to being celebrated for his work in these media (each of the three having its own distinct status, market, and following), Hai also lends his artistic eye to the realm of tobacco pipes.

Following the Ivarsson tradition, Xu Hai's pipes take a functionalist approach to design, emphasizing "purity of form" and a focus on achieving beauty without interfering with a pipe's purpose of serving as a comfortable smoking instrument. To hone his skills, he has studied with a range of Danish greats, including Lars and Nanna Ivarsson, Jess Chonowitsch, and Poul Ilsted. In addition to making pipes himself, Xu Hai is also an avid collector of artisanal briar pipes, with much of his collection comprised of pieces from the very same carvers who've taught him over the years. As a testament to his passion for the hobby, he was also the man behind An Ivarsson Product: Three Generations of Ivarsson.