Ted Swearingen
Ted Swearingen
Having studied art and poetry at CalArts in Valencia, California, Ted admits freely that his initial impulse to pick up a pipe had more to do with cultivating his pretentiousness as a blossoming young artist than it had to with his desire to smoke fine tobacco. Fastforward ten years and Ted's thoughts on pipes and tobacco are as sober as his critique of conceptual art. After years in a local rock band in Stockton, California, and six years with Starbucks Coffee, Ted came into the company as Sales Manager. Presently, as Chief Operating Officer, Ted supervises the various divisions that compose Laudisi Enterprises. This means he has a hand in Smokingpipes.com, Laudisi Distribution, Cornell & Diehl, our Marketing department, our Shipping department, and our IT department. He’s a pretty busy guy anymore.

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